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October 24, 2013
Much Ado About Nothing - Seattle Shakespeare Company
Center Theatre at Seattle Center

Not just a fine production, but also some excellently integrated music. Credit to the composer Michael Brockman for a pitch-perfect 1953 Vegas pastiche, and to actor Justin Huertas's serial channeling of Frank and Dean. Hey Nonny Nonny!

October 26, 2013
Anything Goes - Cole Porter - Roundabout Theatre Company
The 5th Avenue Theatre, Seattle

A running gag has the woostersome Brit Lord Evelyn Oakleigh collecting American expressions in a book and consistently failing, in practice, either to get them straight or to apply them appropriately. This becomes an especially pointed barb because Cole Porter plays so adeptly at both the linguistic slang - twisting, punning, over-reaching for rhymes with joyous abandon - and at what might be a form of musical slang - a bubbly smooch of vaudeville, swing, latin, and more, integrated into a single unmistakable voice. Sorry, ALW, you haven't got a chance. Lord Evelyn opts for the genuine article.


October 20, 2013
Sitting By My Window - The Five Tinos - [from Sun Records Definitive Hits]

Doo Wop hooks into all the good feelings generated when people sing together. The fun they're having is more than half the pleasure of listening.

Abendslied - Aaron Keyt

spiraling down slow
to land at bottom
unjarring as possible
peering up
or out

The Abyss (draft) - Keith Eisenbrey (November 25, 2005)
Preconcert Spherics - S. Eric Scribner

The chatter preceding a concert in Snohomish in October of 2010, beneath which a subtle rumbly specter churns.

Lonely Weekends - Charlie Rich - [from Sun Records Definitive Hits]

The backup singers are tricked out with massive reverb.

Dan Sedia, ca. 1984
Response - Dan Sedia et al - (September 1985)

I had completely forgotten, but it seems I had a part in this "pass along a tape" project. Dan recorded a solo guitar improvisation. This was followed by a piano solo by a collaborator whose name got lost somewhere, and then I added a short session on bug-guitar and ocarina. I must have then sent the original back to Dan.

The Abyss (draft) - Keith Eisenbrey (November 27, 2005)

I was working hard on getting the transition from the first to the second movement just right. This one was just about there.

Snohomish Piece 2 - Keith Eisenbrey, S. Eric Scribner, Neal Meyer

October 22, 2013
Banned Rehearsal 52 - (September 1985, Keith Eisenbrey, Anna K, Neal Meyer)

Heavy downstrum, then we pluck at each other. Culture Shock in America. Species of steady beats going each their own awry. Taped interloputions distract. Speck of voice. If not disciplined amplification becomes competitive.

October 23, 2013
Gradus 88 - Neal Meyer - (November 2005)

Homely - in the next room of the imaged sound tea is made. The kettle whistle, the clunk of cap on stove top, the disboarding of cups, the hissing pours.

Oceanic Music - S. Eric Scribner

In Session at the Tintinabulary

October 21, 2013
Gradus 235 - Neal Meyer

of a composing ear
illumination of reflection
creation of revelation
reflection of creation
revelation of illumination
in particular their particulars
the silence is Sabbath

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October 17, 2013
Nostalgia: Memories Happy and Sad - Gregg Smith Singers - [from The Great Sentimental Age]
Red Hot - Bill "The Kid" Emerson  - [from Sun Records Definitive Hits]
Spring Concert April 30, 1965 - Lake Washington Singers; Betty Eisenbrey, cond.; JoAnne Deacon, acc.

October 18, 2013
Nighttime Howl - Aaron Keyt - (September 1985)

woody-tough fibrous stem
formants spun to overtones
wound to rope
noir piano
nasal flange vocal
Stimmung with clodded roots
pushing back

The Abyss (draft) - Keith Eisenbrey
Ashby and Shattuck / Mother (the ex) - The Street Eaters

When Karen and I were at the Skylark Café last week I bought a couple of seven-inch vinyl records. This was one. Though loud, it does not come across as un-friendly. I wonder if the loud, as such, operates more like an entry ticket than like an essential aesthetic part. No decibels, no admission.

In Session at the Tintinabulary

October 17, 2013
Your Mother Should Know

I recorded their rehearsal as they ran through the new set, and then demos of two new songs. Feeling quite hopeful that the new equipment will allow successful all-at-once recording.

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October 5, 2013
Macefield Music Festival
Macefield hold-out house

Seattle, Washington

Sage - at Conor Byrne

Redolent of Pink Floyd (early).

Kara Hesse - at Conor Byrne

Soul straight up Boulder proud.

Young Fresh Fellows - at The Tractor

One Tad Down and topsy turvy, or The Three Fellows Three, tres bien ensemble.

Princess - at The Tractor

Not the sort of preaching I cotton to much.

The Learning Team - at Conor Byrne

Old school by the new school.

Lures - at Conor Byrne

Kid's got some nice ping in the lower pipes.

Courtney Marie Andrews - at Conor Byrne

Can sophistication simply served survive the venue?

October 11, 2013
Dead Bars, Bigfoot Wallace and his Wicked Sons, Charms
Skylark Cafe, Seattle, Washington

For our anniversary we hied ourselves down to this little café in the Delridge Hole of highway and pillars and river and bridges, and all these lovely young folks were hanging out collecting themselves at the bar just casual and chilling but you could tell there was a building of readiness for something and after a few hours of this building of readiness for something a bunch of them would wander onstage and be a band for a bit to release the readiness and then they'd stop and after another bit of readiness building another bunch of guys would up to the stage and be another band for a crackle and we were digging it. Thanks guys for the great party!

DB - We heard them a while back when they were little more than a lark and a pickup band, full of high energy and sloppy good feeling. They've been practicing. Ladies and gentlemen, the spirit of the Shirelles is in the building. BWahWS - eminently danceable blues hardened grunge abraded song-smithing. C - must admit I'm beginning to catch their drift. Psychedelic wash to scrub the cobwebs.

The guy who ran the sound board is top notch. Perfectly balanced both bands to the room and parts to parts to the whole. Credit that guy with a major assist.


October 6, 2013
Brothers In Arms - Dire Straits

Antiseptic engineering.

The Woods - Sleater-Kinney

October 8, 2013
Snohomish Piece 1 - Keith Eisenbrey, Steve Scribner
Campaign and Comedy Songs - The Gregg Smith Singers - (from The Great Sentimental Age)
Folsom Prison Blues - Johnny Cash - (from Sun Records Definitive Hits)

bare bones naked dust

Songs Summer '85 (first part) - Keith Eisenbrey

October 10, 2013
Songs Summer '85 (second part) - Keith Eisenbrey

It has been a while since I listened to all these songs as a set. For my own creative life they represent less a new avenue for possible development than a limit of stretch. However, I can also think of them as an attempt to get near an axis, jettisoning such skills as I have, all the trappings and comforts of the acceptable, to find the that about which creative impulse turns.

The Abyss (draft) - Keith Eisenbrey

I spent the latter part of the '90s working on a chamber cantata based on stanzas from Childe Harold's Pilgrimage. The finished product, though interesting (to me) and useful as a thing (for me) to have done, is a lost-cause as to being performable. But I kept thinking about that particular selection of stanzas, and in 2005 I made a completely new computer produced setting. This draft was the first go at the first stanza. Here is the finished piece.

Zigzag - Wayne Lovegrove

Secured shipshape to the lower strings allows foamy sea splash trickery in the yardarms. This was a recording made in Snohomish at a concert produced by Steve Scribner.

In Session at the Tintinabulary

October 7, 2013
Gradus 234 - Neal Meyer
Just enough tonal abundance for simian leaps, brachial propagation.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Playlist - Third Anniversary of Now Music In New Albion


October 4, 2013
Sound Scroll IX Concert
Chapel Performance Space, Good Shepherd Center, Seattle

Sound Scroll IX - S. Eric Scribner - S. Eric Scribner and Mike Sentkewitz
Six Seattle Pieces - S. Eric Scribner, Keith Eisenbrey, Mike Sentkewitz

Steve's music at its strongest nor makes concession nor gives quarter to the razzle dazzle, however high-toned, of professional showmanship. He develops an idea for a thing to do and he does it to the bitter end. As listener I am on my own, the presentation will not hold my hand and show me the pretty sights. In this regard, Sound Scroll IX, for vast stretches barely even a drifting shred of a sheer tissue of fabric of sound, not just permeable to the environment but hardly even scuffing it, is at the highest tier of heroically difficult music. For it to be, you must listen.

I was honored to be involved in the second part of the concert, which did involve six pieces rather than the four promised on the poster.


September 29, 2013
The Who Sings My Generation - The Who

Unhinged poetics of the metrical.

Haiku West - Lake Washington Singers, Betty Eisenbrey conducting

For 15 years or so, from the late '50s to the early '70s, my mother conducted this amateur women's chorus. Lately I acquired the cassette tapes she had made in the 80's of the original reel-to-reel & phonograph recordings. The labeling of selections is often not clear. This short number sounded like a suite of settings. "West" might refer to the composer. Dunno.

October 1, 2013
Space Sounds (edited) - National Geographic Flexi Disc

Among the oddities on this rarity is an essay of scientific glorification that traces the history of life on the planet from bacteria to space exploration in about a minute. It takes your breath away!

Banned Rehearsal 51 - Karen Eisenbrey (then Meyer), Keith Eisenbrey, Anna K, Neal Meyer, September 1985

Maximum aesthetic disregard. As lame as possible in order to be as out-there as possible. Both too easy and too difficult. In hope of? :: in flailing to find a new thread, a new track to enter the forest at its thickest :: the lame may not be good, but it can serve as a placeholder for doing. Strangely enough, on occasion, this procedure manages to work.

October 3, 2013
Lorenz - David Dunn

Ranges of audio data can be like orders of magnitude. Thing to ThingsGoingOn to SequenceOfThingsGoingOn. A music designed to be, experimentally, about how we make sense of chaos. It freaked out the cat a bit.

Snohomish Piece 3 (my recording) - Keith Eisenbrey, S. Eric Scribner

From Steve's concert in Snohomish in October of 2010.

Listen to The Mockingbird - Alice Hawthorne - The New York Vocal Arts Ensemble
Peepin' Eyes - Charlie Feather -  (from Sun Records Definitive Hits)

In Session at the Tintinabulary September 30, 2013
Banned Rehearsal 845 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Steve Kennedy, Aaron Keyt, Neal Meyer