Saturday, June 29, 2019



I live in the land of the caws of crows. What is unsettling about living in the land of the caws of crows is that their caws are direct address. They are telling, conversing, not broadcasting. They mean what they say. What is the cause that causes the caws of crows? Resentment? Revenge? Reward?



June 22, 2019
Village of Women - Neal Kosály-Meyer [August 2006]

as accepted by


Prelude - Cappore D'Angelo - Marzena Music Ensemble [from Hendrix Uncovered]

splash and fade

touch the surface

Second Thoughts Omnibus - Keith Eisenbrey [June 2016]

conceptually for 12 pianos (realized by midi)

that omnibus is a solid metallic surface
violently reflective

Sonata in C Minor, K. 22 - Domenico Scarlatti - Pieter-Jan Belder

just that kind of trick: to implicate an out of nothing conceptual object
by the means of: wiggling one's fingers upon the wiggly parts of a device

O Can Ye Sew Cushions - Lake Washington Singers, Betty Eisenbrey [April 1966 (private recording)]

nostalgic quaintification of women's work
clever arrangement though!

After The Glitter Fades - Stevie Nicks [from Bella Donna]

West Coast Pop speaks Country
but why wouldn't it

Every Day - Julian Lennon [from The Secret Value of Daydreaming]

JL has a nice baritone body in the lower pipes when he allows it. The song has a creepy paternalism though, as in "Yes I need you back at home." Come back to your me-protected enclosure. "Yes I need you how I want you back at home."

June 23, 2019
Homie Don't Play That - Geto Boys [from We Can't Be Stopped]

got their dander up
technically near perfect Ballroom Rapping (Hip Hop Style)

The mistake is in thinking it only means what it is saying.

Track 2.4 - Bob Dylan [from Key Arena October 13, 2006]

a line in a blues poem has:
a pitch inflection
a word count
a syllable count
a lexical content
a metrical potentiality
a syntactic context
and gritty lubrication

a start point within, and an end point within, the same blues writ
and I was there

Deep End Of The Pool - Your Mother Should Know [Live at the Funhouse July 18, 2011]

vocal fighting from behind technical difficulties into the light for the victory
(YMSK was just Neal for this show, Neal and his guitar and his amp.)

Intro - Lunas [from Over Me]

must be prog if it has (in that it has) an intro
welcome proggers to the planet throbbers

June 25, 2019
Sonata in D Major, K. 23 - Domenico Scarlatti - Pieter-Jan Belder

The first phrase without a direct and immediate repeat of itself is a hinge point, the load in the die.

She's A Woman - The Beatles [from Anthology Volume 2]

They were clearly beginning to wonder what in the hell they were doing trying to play live in that din. Time to break the cycle.

Track 12 - Empire Brass Quintet [from American Brass Band Journal Revisited]

A slow number for memory's sake. Even in the past they were fond of remembering the past.

June 26, 2019
Neal Kosály-Meyer 1 - Banned Rehearsal [July 1986]

Neal sent us a tape from San Diego many years ago. The cyclic stifling of the signal is a desultory mechanical flaw in the device, as though the tape is slipping away from the record head now and then, on a schedule. Some birds tweet, hooray!

June 27, 2019
exploring the rigors of in between - Elain Barkin - Alice Macgonigal, Louise MacGillivray, Marcy Dicterow-Vaj, Lynn Lusher Grants, Erika Duke Kirkpatrick [from Open Space 12]

careful positioning of what we might be between
a piece?: a passage, a piece of a passage

Banned Rehearsal 706 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Neal Kosály-Meyer [August 2006]

impact and repercussions
various time lags and rhythms
composing around an undiscovered center

hoots and toots
plucks and clucks
strums and drums

sounds have spans however brief
often quite a few
some many

dulcimer abides calmly
we blow into cylinders and globs
(globbish chambers)
drifting off and hunkering down and getting down to the business of truly drifting off, playing the room for its occasional possibilities
coulda gone there
coulda gone here
here coulda gone

Singham - Sukhwinder Singh [from Bollygood 2]

anything can be thrown into a driving beat in any order
soundtrack vamps are the same in any language

Climbing The Water Tower - Karen Eisenbrey [August 2016]

sonically charged clumping in a large public cylinder
just that, then turn the device off

Karen made this lovely recording the day we played Steve Scribner's piece in Volunteer Park, Seattle.

In Session at the Tintinabulary

June 24, 2019
Banned Rehearsal 984 - Jenny Chung, Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Anna K, Steve Kennedy, Aaron Keyt, Neal Kosály-Meyer

We celebrated the 35th Bannediversary. I have some stats to share:

June 24, 1984 was a Sunday. Before that day:

Among the "Proto" sessions: 6 hours 25 minutes 4 seconds.

From that day forward:

In the main sequence,
during the 80's: 165 hours 55 minutes 38 seconds.
during the 90's: 286 hours 9 minutes 43 seconds
during the 00's: 127 hours 48 minutes 25 seconds
during the 10's: 115 hours 0 minutes 32 seconds

total in the main sequence: 694 hours 54 minutes 18 seconds

Sectionals: 33 hours 54 minutes 3 seconds
Telepaths: 66 hours 7 minutes 54 seconds
Assemblies Rechoired: 41 hours 34 minutes 23 seconds
Peripherals: 77 hours 5 minutes 48 seconds

all told: 920 hours 1 minute 30 seconds

that is: 38 days 8 hours 1 minute 30 seconds

then we made this one.


flashlight over I keep eyes awake a
wailing from up disturbed loo loo looo hear
a black whisper is you a beer sweet thing

clouds arrive
as threatened
the wizard

Saturday, June 22, 2019



June 20, 2019
Music & Dance, curated by Stephanie Skura
Seattle Improvised Music Festival
Chapel Performance Space, Good Shepherd Center, Seattle

Dancers: Linda Austin (PDX), Paige Barnes, Vanessa DeWolf, Nate Dryden (SLC), Jordan MacIntosh-Hougham, Stephanie Skura;

Musicians: Dave Knott, homemades; Steve Peters, field recordings, found things; Jenny Ziefel, clarinets

Highlights of the instruments: Steve's activated branch; Dave's bow; Jenny and her clarinets becoming a single other among the dancers.

dancers (here) are a huggy bunch

enclosed and dis-enclosed

groups or and dis-bands

signals and or dis-signs

tuned to out or tuned and in to dis-signiation

innerloper innervited

parrot dis-parate

a parent dis-apparent

posture im-post

shadowed is shaded shadow shades

rattle bow bone stick



June 16, 2019
Sonata in E Major, K. 20 - Domenico Scarlatti - Pieter-Jan Belder

as one enters the task is clear and bright
no problems everything is taken care of
all of it
and even hearing all of it twice

wait, what?

My Cup Runneth Over - Harvey Schmidt - Mary Martin, Robert Preston [from I Do! I Do!]

two well matched singers, singing it straight, getting it right

Riot - Dead Kennedys [from Plastic Surgery Disasters / In God We Trust]

outing the pleasure of it

to really consider it (riot) as a social activity the thrill of it must be acknowledged

its purpose is to force a response
to bring the war home to see

a high and a crash

It's Hard to be a Saint in the City - Bruce Springsteen [from Live 1975-1985]

Metamorphic - AMM [from The Nameless Uncarved Block]

after preliminary display, gets down to its shadow quiet business in earnest

She's Got Everything She Needs [?] - Bob Dylan [from Key Arena October 13, 2006]

BD is ill served, musically, by his fame. It closes to him the more appropriate venues for what he does. Consider the multitude in attendance here, of which I was one, applauding for all he has been, not (necessarily) for what he just done. We, in short, are no longer capable of hearing what he is doing, having been deafened by his past, smothered in the overlarge room.

Whiskey In The Jar (Neal's vocal) - Train Case [July 2011]

He even gets the 'd' in awakened. In the last verse, where he sings the counter part, we hear the subtle intonational inflection required for blood harmony.

No Tattoos - Dead Bars [from Split w/ The Tim Version]

and I wann-ta forget everything

tá toos
TAT ous

lives for the woa oa oa oa oas in the middle

Sonata in D Major, K. 21 - Domenico Scarlatti - Pieter-Jan Belder

If the piano is the master of the just-so chord voicing, the harpsichord wins on glittering figuration.

Whiskey Man - The Who [from A Quick One]

double (literary sense): the shadow image of intimacy
or the desire for same

United - Throbbing Gristle [from Greatest Hits]

robot dance Totentanz Heine-isch
faithfully together for ever and ever

June 18, 2019
Kosály-Meyers 2 - Anna K, Neal Kosály-Meyer [July 1986]

mostly rubbing
hard on hard
but also tapping
barking seal
cookware bells and guitar

The bridge of any stringed instrument is generally optimized in its location upon the sound board. What if it were, instead, liberated, freed to explore? Imagine an instrument designed not from the sound up, as in traditional computer musics, but rather from the structural and acoustic properties of an object up? A complex of materials that could be struck or incited anywhere by any thing any which way at will and with abandon? Behold: Forming.

This tape is getting rather fun. Lovely! It does not aim. It does. Neal speaks from Romans, an Epistle to. See Psalm 8:2 the fineness of one's focus determines one's self at each moment.

The typewriter fires off a writing. Perhaps a poem Measured by the firing of its keys.

whapk wapk whakp

sudden song: Mail That Letter (N K-M)

I ate a plum. A lesson to end.

June 19, 2019
Four for composers' ensemble - Bard College Composers' Ensemble [from Open Space 6]

problem: if a music, not necessarily this music, is intended to not intend, that is, is not intended to produce a desired result, but is, rather, intended to allow some result of a set of results, to be discovered later, is that still too much weight, to much expectation, too much burden? Does, or might, for instance the mere nearness of academic imprimatur infect with anxiety even the expressly eschewed, vehemently sequestered, activity therein engaged? I.e., can we escape, anywhere, how we got to here and the socio-economic power structures permeating our environment? Even when all those are absolutely abjured?

(It helps to have outsiders.)

Too much, that is, for an experience to arise untainted by intention?


However, "composers' ensemble" hits the right note. Like a string quartet: I play violin in a string quartet


I play composer in a composers' ensemble
composing amongst them a composition of composition

some piercing shrieking has arisen
wild with power

nonbinding but persuasive agreement to make something specifically not described, but cooperatively arranged as in a service of worship

In Session at the Tintinabulary

June 16, 2019
Ginkgo in Turquoise Ink 190616 - Anne Gorrick - Keith Eisenbrey

I gave Anne Gorrick's encaustic monotype another run, this time on the steel-string guitar my brother Paul made (his first) and gave to me after (he says) he got better at making them.

June 17, 2019
Banned Rehearsal 983 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Steve Kennedy, Aaron Keyt

Neal was in or on his way home from Mexico City, where he was participating in a James Joyce conference. Next week: The 35th Bannediversary.


uniroyal-soled sandal in the minor
league stacks along with all the bigs he was
probably offed he wasn't rubbed right likes

sand paper

Saturday, June 15, 2019



June 9, 2019
Introduction - Bob Dylan [from Key Arena October 13, 2006]

that's it, just the introduction folks.
also, the last entry in this volume of my listening journal


Whiskey in the Jar (Karen's Vocal) - Train Case [July 2011]

the verse climbs to hang high
chorus climbs to descend again into the jar

Ghost Town - Three Fingers [from Three Songs]

drive the beat for full accusatory impact

Sonata in F Major K. 17 - Domenico Scarlatti - Pieter-Jan Belder

material is introduced shortly before its attributes begin to converse
possible directions are hinted at
remaining as potentials even after box is all tied up

I Need You - The Who [from A Quick One]

somebody felt a need to boost Moon's bit
tag end harpsichord

White Knuckles - Elvis Costello [from Trust]

many words are spoken
scenes from in their heads

Banned Telepath 6 San Diego - Anna K, Neal Kosály-Meyer [June 1986]

didj and bells
The earbrain distinguishes objects from within the raw signal.
It objectivizes or organizes the signal :- that sound -: :- that other sound -:
that note, that other note
that process (that other process)
that wood drum with those sticks that reverb
Extremely fine distinguishing power, but it can be fooled compositionally by designing higher level patterns in form and figuration that bend our hearing toward their own objects.
Thus melody is a kind of aural illusion, a trick upon the mind, sleight of hand.
Keep your ear on the signal folks.

discussion of phone numbers
guitar strumburrs

Perception is a useful abstraction of the universe outside of perception, by which we make that universe conscious, by becoming conscious, aware of being conscious. Our bodies are organs of our own abstraction.

Well *how are* you? Is your mother home?

Bickleton Burger with extreme stereo separation (Seattle to San Diego)
Summoning the phone to ring. Its bell. contact has been made around the horn.

Well *how nice to talk to* you! Is your mother home?

Loose Change - Bruce Springsteen [from Tracks]

a song in a story and variations

Gradus 102 - Neal Kosály-Meyer [July 2006]

to distinguish
to identify
to abstract

composition interferes with our hearing brain

teawhistle of a bygone age

form is a resonator, an effect, a function, a pattern or a procedure,


Postlude  - Bob Priest - Marzena Music Ensemble [from Hendrix Uncovered]

a thank you as taped from another source onto cheap cardboard stock
a very subtle form of art

Banned Rehearsal 915 - Jenny Chung, Karen Eisenbry, Keith Eisenbrey, Steve Kennedy, Aaron Keyt, Neal Kosály-Meyer [August 2016]

bunch of folks chatting on the porch ease slowly into the going of it
stepping into the literal intrusion of sound of the outside armed with just a few makers of noise
and our wits
a passable fade pulled off gratis
3rd start's a charm vroom vroom rev it up
we converse with the revver
there goes another
diesler dieseler
that time smear effect of the mixers or seminars with just a few noisemakers and the general monotonous soughing din of civilization

rev it up
trouble with that engine

(duet for treble trombone and revving engine)

Sonata in D minor K. 18 - Domenico Scarlatti - Pieter-Jan Belder

Sturm und Drang in the hot seething oils of a sardine tin
you must pay the rent I can not pay the rent

Something Has Happened - Harvey Schmidt - Mary Martin [from I Do! I Do!]

paid the rent. this shit just got real
historical note: automatically a boy is assumed

Track 11 - Empire Brass Quintet [from American Brass Band Journal Revisited]

a sprightly concert march

Homeless - Paul Simon [from Graceland]

they are all showing off
all of them

I Cried All Night Long - Harvie Sims [form Art of Field Recording Volume 1]

sweet blues from Harvie
how the pitch set rounds the corner one verse to the next

I Ain't Gonna Work on Maggie's Farm No More - Bob Dylan [from Key Arena October 13, 2006]

We've been here before
he needs more words to similar result to HS above
or gets less result per word

Whiskey In The Jar (Neal's Vocal) - Train Case (July 2011]

pre-strum banter removed

All Alone - Robber's Roost [from Swallow Your Fears]

That's getting pretty tight there Mark!

June 11, 2019
Sonata in D minor K. 19 - Domenico Scarlatti - Pieter-Jan Belder

sudden 1 2 3 4 punk compromised arrival points whew!

O Soul - Lake Washington Singers, Betty Eisenbrey [April 1966, from a private tape]

with violins
the build to ecstaticity
Frau Blücher?
then the pious moral of the story fit for youths and maidens

Back 2 The Base - X [from Wild Gift]

rhythm of speaking
words only matter in so far as they are required to articulate the accentuation of syllables

June 12, 2019
Banned Rehearsal 101 - Karen (Meyer) Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Anna K, Aaron Keyt, Neal Kosály-Meyer [collected from Telepaths 6, June 1986]

we talk to Aaron before he calls us
a muddled din

the Seattle contingent must have started the tape last, in each case

Q: what is the more noisy meal?
A: dinner.

what counts for suspense:
how we line up

it was Anna & Neal's tape that started first

productivity of the 2nd year is up

June 13, 2019
We Can't Be Stopped - Geto Boys [from We Can't Be Stopped]

spelling of hip hop names
Websterish simplification, american as it gets

whistling in the dark
old game

Wicked World - Neal Kosály-Meyer [August 2006]


Why is it, wicked that is
not how
but why
does it come from outside us or what

letting go of it is a problem

Pouch-A-Holics Anonymous - Pouch

sung (pitched) vocal projection is a tight wad of pitch verticalized in the other (shredded) vocal projection
shredscream scredshream
all the pitches chosen
at once

Blood and Fire, Hallelujah (with Second Thoughts Omnibus) - Keith Eisenbrey [August 2016]

one of my more perversely wonderful mashups
spine straight and unblinking

It's just the way it worked out, but it sounds like gunfire at the end of things
or syllabic talking rhythm

BaF,H (2010) as it was finally conceived is a concerto for piano and canned sound
STO is the 9th of my Études d'exécution imminent of 2016, in this midi version each bit is played as a canon and all the bits are interlocked end to end

In Session at the Tintinabulary

June 10, 2019
Ginkgo in Turquoise Ink 190610 - Anne Gorrick - Keith Eisenbrey

I became acquainted with Anne through an Open Space connection. My first thought on seeing this
Anne Gorrick, encaustic monotype 2019
particular encaustic monotype was "that would make a lovely score!"

So I played it as such, the image displayed on a device propped on the left end, the clavichord played with fingers on the keys or strumming the wires, or brushing and whumping the harp of it with an old felt cat toy. I'll probably do a few more sessions, or rework this somehow, or both. Not sure yet because I haven't done it. It is a lovely score, thank you Anne!


involves impurity think the in
devotion delight prayer in all as they
looking books and one minute and the next

by the motions of the whole distance between
the oak leaf jumps from road to puddle
the stone track sits on a wool blanket

Saturday, June 8, 2019



"Stimulating Speculation no. 1: What something Is is merely our way of indexing the context to which we ascribe it."
J. K. Randall "Compose Yourself: A Manual for the Young" 1970



June 1, 2019
Sunnyside, Washington
Sandel & Karrick
Robin Jackson and the Caravan
Wilsonville Festival of the Arts
Wilsonville, Oregon

And this is why I didn't blog last week. I spent the blogging time driving to and from Wilsonville (3+ hours each way).

Sandel & Karrick and two others were a light swing jazz band that gained my trust with some fine playing and by the covering of an obscurish song I actually knew! "The Frim Fram Sauce." Delish.

Robin Jackson and the Caravan had some more fine fiddle playing and a woman that switched between accordion and trumpet. Robin sang a fine original song about the best way to find the one of your dreams: on the dance floor. Get out there dudes! Shake that thing!

June 7, 2019
Lori Goldston: Rivulet
Chapel Performance Space
Good Shepherd Center, Seattle

Dave Abramson, drums & percussion
Haley Freedlund, trombone
Kole Galbraith, bass guitar
Lori Goldston, cello
Greg Kelley, trumpet
Austin Larkin Violin

Pre-auditory sentences:

The drum set sports a large square cymbal. Trombones, as a whole, are not built straight up and down. There is a warp. Microphones are discretely obvious spies. As are many ears. The large square cymbal is holy.


ultra slow
rococo chorales
rochocho corals (e)

Ben said of Bruckner "I'm in favor of anything that goes that slow." This is Bruckner in a cold dark land. Muffled blows on the bass drum.

Superb stuff Lori! I'm glad we got out to hear it. And then the next morning we had your strawberry jam on sourdough waffles. Equally intense.


Sunnyside, Washington
May 25, 2019
Sonata in G minor, K. 12 - Domenico Scarlatti - Pieter-Jan Belder

no slack, taut
a discourse of taut pushing form to the front

Upon a . . . - Lake Washington Singers, Betty Eisenbrey, director [April 1966]

as the aperture closes gently
the silent movie kiss on the sward

Beyond and Back - X [from Wild Gift]

shit-kicker punk
bouncy battle verbal

Lonely Girl - Screaming Trees [from Clairvoyance]

instrumental solo
or simply band without voice
impression live is different in kind from impression on recording:
live: a flow of focus among visual and audio
recorded: no "and"

Symphony in A, op. 141 (#15) - Dmitri Shostakovich - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Vladimir Ashkenazy

the parts don't hang together
they combine and cross combine
attempt a consensus among a ghostly hall of shape-shifting changelings

1. emptiness (silliness) of the powered

2. weary suffering anger seething repressed, ignored, banished with the old faith lava monster doing biding time :: frivolous chains, but chains at that :: breaking point

3. meanwhile in plain day / gradations very fine indeed / between bureaucratical webs, secret handshakes, (the High Sign) /?/

Plato's shadow and aesthete's image in counterpoise

4. now is fate's time (it's a bitter comment upon two fellow political-minded composers: Rossini and Wagner)

under night's secrecy
it will come to it
(here be the stakes)

:skeleton key ↑↑↑↑↑↑

"...woe my road is spoken..." draft 5.4 Final - Keith Eisenbrey [July 2006]

If, in 21st Century contrapuntal practice, we have moved our focus along the axis toward individuation of voice and from the harmony of the whole it is because we understand that a new axis has arisen.

In the deep background this is a late generation riff on the good old 4-3 suspension chain.

May 27, 2019
Whiskey In The Jar (mix B) - Train Case [July 2011]

I adjusted the balance in the vocals and brought guitar in on verse 2, or rather suppressed the guitar track until then.

Intro - Ease [from Roots]
Sunnyside, Washington

working on precise sound
listen to the guitar how it pulls the cymbal sound tight
multi tempo
big pretense of Manly Sound

Sonata in G Major, K. 13 - Domenico Scarlatti - Pieter-Jan Belder

loops and gates
proceeds like an algorithm: counters, stepping
music for the age of thinking clearly

Red River Blues - J. T. Adams [from The Art of Field Recording Vol. 1]

blue river reds
with some talk beforehand

Winnebago Warrior - Dead Kennedys [from Plastic Surgery Disasters/In God We Trust]

cheap laugh and not all that funny

Banned Telepath 6 Berkeley - Aaron Keyt [June 1986]

some other session (#65) plays off to the left
a bit of close sound hints that Aaron may be in the room
an abwords list: abandonment abatement abduction abeyance
Dong!! a potlid perhaps, cookware
we call Aaron. It's OK.
We hear a session stop during a session
Australian clicking sticks (see 982 below) in Seattle are recorded in Berkeley and sent back to Seattle
an audio-only skype session to be assembled as a whole only later but lined up ill so you'll have to put it together in your head on your own
our rows are not the same
NEWS! 2nd Bannediversary (the 35th will be 983 or 984 I think) Amontillado
a dial-up phone
where are Neal and Anna?
Oh. No.
paperformants by Neal Meyer
a problem with numbers
(there's that royalties tax spiel)

Trailer - Ashtray [a Rescued Record]

the dramatic appearance rising through the smoke effect from beneath the stage
one wonders: a collection of things she has heard guys say (or others) as political commentary.

Gradus 101 - Neal Kosály-Meyer [July 2006]

outside a distant plane makes mealy-mouth flange of the A naturals vibrating free
producing tones

a moment of silence
a time for prayer

On Ear and Ear - Hilary Tan [from Milton Babbitt: A Composers' Memorial]

Debussy smiles
restless motion
not afraid to end it twice

Shine Rock - Low Hums [from Shine Rock]

Lots of guitar and some vocalism making sounds that are like the shape of storytelling.

May 28, 2019
Gradus 294 - Neal Kosály-Meyer [July 2016]

being peaceful and dyadic
enjoying those low notes played quietly

Sonata in G Major, K. 14 - Domenico Scarlatti - Pieter-Jan Belder

the floor is slick
take care

Rock and Roll Music (live) - The Beatles [from Anthology Volume 2]

Not even The Beatles could compete with that screaming shrill.

Tiag Guls - Throbbing Gristle [from Greatest Hits]

disconnect as to how they arose through the visual arts and how they found me as sound, as a band, which isn't what they ever were either way.

Good Christian Men Rejoice - London Symphony Orchestra [from Listen to the Joy]

makes a halfhearted feint at development

You Speak Jealousy - Unwound [from Kill Rock Stars]

to imagine as the voice of one articulating something
the feeling of it?
sung as a box to put a thought in
this one is not a nice thought

Take Me To The Water - Rollo Dilworth - University Temple Chancel Choir; Chris Vincent, director; Howard Wolvington, piano]

(my church's choir, in which I sing tenor, performed just the Sunday before, disclosure done)

from an arrangement tradition (still trying to figure out what I mean by that, more later perhaps)
riffing on an older tradition

to what extent is it exacerbated rather than assisted by the music publishing industry

Whiskey In the Jar (Mix B Reverb) - Train Case [July 2011]

add light reverb
all it needed

Ko - Paul Kikuchi - Paul Kikuchi, percussion; Taina Karr, oboe and english horn; Ivan Arteaga, clarinet; Greg Sinibaldi, bass clarinet; Natalie Mai Hall, cello; John Teske, contrabass [from Autonomic]

recorded right up in their faces
pitches within tones
embodied boulders
it might take a river to move

May 29, 2019
Sonata in E minor, K. 15 - Domenico Scarlatti - Pieter-Jan Belder

the power of contrary motion
or of motion at all
sparingly applied

the bewilderment momentaire
when suddenly we know we have moved on
but know not whither

It's Worth Anything - Earl Gains [a Rescued Record]

this bounce bed is not smooth
is not without underlying peas of anxiety
but it is for real
and to be sure it do bounce

Think About It - Stevie Nix [from Bella Donna]

encapsulated message
take a pill
a capsule
mantra suggestion
to be taken aurally
before leaving

May 30, 2019
Banned Telepath 6 Greenwood - Karen (Meyer) Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey [June 1986]

we each seem to be handling our microphones
or (ah ha!)
we are recording the taping of the microphones to the wall
it will all be on 101, stay tuned
and of course the Amontillado (see Berkeley above)
and cookies too
tweety birds are heard but they are the loud ones outside now not anything on the tape
I poked my self outside to be sure

We speak to Aaron at the same time, but offset, perforce

clicking sticks (see below and above) twice

discussion of the trip to Downunderland
the smell of Amontillado on tape

2 years in, establishing tradition out of teacups
this is it folks
this is how Banned Rehearsal began
this is the first sound
oh no uh oh oh dear oh heck
twice as many couches
cranberry satin and pink lace
I got a bug in my amontillado
other than that
it's dead
everybody knows the chorus more or less

uh oh the bug's gone

the ukulele stays in tune for one year

June 4, 2019
Goin' Cali - Bruce Springsteen [from Tracks]

The West: toward death, the promised land
Bruce does Independent
a musician can do something like this when they's got nothing to lose by it or when they are so big no one will remember that they did it anyway

Banned Rehearsal 705 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Neal Kosály-Meyer [July 2006]

im-Vögel-ating geese and ducks
shadow play on a hot day
drums sneak in among the toots and hoots
goose keeps it real

June 5, 2019
So Cool - Choke The Pope [from Emotional Material]

even the guitar sound hangs up toward the sinusoidal
hard to belong when everyone is title of track, it is
(attack on disaffectitude by out-cooling the so cool

Sonata in B-flat Major, K. 16 - Domenico Scarlatti - Pieter-Jan Belder

The science of oblique sequitur (neither non nor non-non)

June 6, 2019
Pitches Low and Inside - Stuart Dempster - Marzena Music Ensemble [from Hendrix Uncovered]

Dempster Stu
Dijeri  Du



too soon

Every Day I Have The Blues - Billy Stewart [from The Best of Billy Stewart]

He allows the pitchiness of the drum kit to build into a rhythmonic groove.
Who was his drummer? Was that him himself? Damn!

set back
do it again

Is That All? - U2 [from October]

A song is buried in there among the guitar (nice job Edge) and hook (good enough). Probably not enough song to bother much with.

I Believe - REM [from Life's Ritch Pageant]

Hey, don't stop, I was digging that finger pickin'!

phrases on stickies posted on a revolving lyricbelt squeezbox.

there is something almost Renaissance-harmony-ish about how it hangs in counterpoint space.

UCLA Experimental Workshop Ensemble - Elain Barkin, Benjamin Boretz, Lindsay Clare, David Open Space 12]
Jones, Jay Keister, Grace M, Ben Thigpen [from Open Space 12]

the room is made small with close sounds
close sounds can be heard moving
percussion and variously excited strings
punctuated by sax and crumar(?) ((synth of choice)) (((NB we prefer Wurlitzer)))
neither passage episode nor selection
an hollow
a grove
or a thicket

In Session at the Tintinabulary

May 27, 2019
Gradus 349 - Neal Kosály-Meyer

all this and
all this

7th chords arose as a means of mediating between the cognitive demands of pitch class and just intonation.

Does astonishment come to the roses, or do the roses come to astonishment?
How does one come to the astonishment of roses? ↔ ↔ establish the environment within which sufficient complexity exists so that astonishment will arise as summoned. The voice-leading trick there is there but sounds like something else cognized.

June 3, 2019
Banned Rehearsal 982 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Steve Kennedy, Aaron Keyt

I was intent on scraping and clicking with wood sounds


longings 1 of dark night and its traits it
will be a good thing to leave sad the fruit
of and the happy traits about which it

the wanderer
in the house of fire