Saturday, May 30, 2020



"Maybe you eschew competitions, residencies, and calls entirely. Perhaps you - perhaps we - can envision a world where music is not centered around competition at all, and is simultaneously an expression of deep community and a vehicle for self-examination. Where “composition” means “creation” and is more deeply embedded in the art of being and collaborating. The interplay between these possibilities speak to a vision of a more empathic musical ecosystem that can exist both within and outside of the harmful structures of capitalism."
- Kaley Lane Eaton "Things I Wish I had Known When I Thought I Couldn't Be A Composer" from "Practice Magazine"


Wayward in Limbo

"With the Chapel closed indefinitely due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wayward Music Series now moves from the concert hall to the living room. In place of our usual ten monthly concerts, Nonsequitur is curating and commissioning ten Seattle artists each month to create a series of streaming audio sessions of exclusive material. Many of these will be essentially 'live' performances recorded at home for this occasion. Others may create a mix of pre-recorded material that has not been previously released elsewhere."
- from the Wayward Music Series website at

[NB: these lovely sessions are all available for listening at the website above]

May 23, 2020
Gretchen Yanover

creating chord changes as accumulations of cycles
ripples breaking as dawn intimates itself behind the forest
lyrically believable

cyclicity built into their building, stabilizing
comfortable friendly platform

from here I can

a man named Beezoo (spelling?) who drives a beeping vehicle
his vehicle beeps in B
(for the record, the piece did not require the explanation, but the explanation is a lovely story that needed to be heard)

Its mechanism of building itself applies a determinate durational sequence. Since each duration is identical except as to pitch and sequence of pitch adjacency, it becomes content determinate, as to that adjacency

May 25, 2020
Neil Welch

the need to express a thought in its necessary duration, and the need to take a breath, is an interesting negotiation, articulating both the thought and the body breathing.

mouthpiece and beercan
(promised) soprano

each instrument recalibrates the ground of that negotiation

3 saxophone necks (includes soprano) and C Melody

the effort required to support a vibrating column of air, or any sequential set of them, also shapes breath's sustaining

removing the mouthpiece to play on the pipe alone removes a barrier to a more direct experience of mouth cavity shape and tongue activity


May 23, 2020
Hedges - Yuni in Taxco [from Slow Charade]

empty can overlay

Daisy Bell - Bicycle Face [from The Wonders of Female Strength]

an old favorite from the age of sentimentality sung with smiles

(the bicycle connection, of course.)

Love Song to Make Us Millions (B Side) - Koko and the Sweetmeats [from Sacrifice]

more empty can

The effect is to forward the sound's particular pitch constants of, or acoustic print of, the space it was recorded in, or which the mechanism synthesizes - like a few iterations into I Am Sitting In A Room

Chitta Ve - Udta Punjab - Amit Travedi, Babu Haabi, Shahid Mallya [from Bollygood Volume 1]

first demonstrate: vocal flexibility
then: put on the autotune girdle
(so fashionable!)
but always a mistake

May 24, 2020
Times In Between - Smokestack and the Foothill Fury [from America's Freedom Death March]

negotiating the guitar as a strummer to:
negotiating the guitar as a picker
and from the picker guitar to:
as a singer
singing all in one with his hands

Material Soundscapes Collide - Joshua Banks Mailman - Joshua Banks Mailman, Arthur Kampela, Rhonda Taylor

imputed (limited) sound sources - only so many instruments
or are there? perhaps only so many similar manners of behavior
if so, what are the similarities?

but that's just me trying to figure it out

easily crossing the membrane between apparently live and apparently altered, or immediately proximate and reverberant distant

or does the fact that they are all coming through the same system, that is, all equally altered, skew our perception?

a kaleidoscope with an extra dimensional twist of several

Movement Exercise #1 for Blindfolded Musicians (Take 4) - Beth Fleenor [from Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble Volume 1]

inhabituating a collective
rejoice in filling space

I Love NY/You and I - Dead Bars [from Split w/ Kimberly Steak]

a mini mini musical 2 songs
with a modulation no less
how old fashioned! like a church anthem or broadway dance number

The Songbird Flies Unhindered Through Storm and Violence (underlying electronic track) - S. Eric Scribner [from The Storm Sound Cycle]

stochastic sequence type
rather than ordinal sequence type
not being a sound being altered
but an altered sound
a question of tense

the pitter patter is right here with us
on the tarp that shields us
the thunder is further off

now the sound is being sound after it has been altered
another tense

Tephra 2 for Orchestra - Ryan Hare - Moravia Philharmonic Orchestra, Petr Vronsky

giant warrior robot pulls itself together
sniffs the wind
distracted for a moment
then on a quick march
a tale, violent and dire

May 25, 2020
Pacific Love - Shelby Earl [from Burn The Boats]

when this you see remember me
greeting card keepsake
file under poignant, fond

1911 - Paul Kikuchi - Paul Kikuchi, Stuart Dempster, Bill Horist, Alex Vittum [from Portable Sanctuary Volume 2 Live in the Great Hall]

this music is a place in a large space in an ample time
open to what passes through
evensong gentle

Frightened Explorer - Operation ID [from Legs]

3 fours alike but not identical then a break
repeat but lengthen the break
make a thing about that

switches gears like a video game does
very Mario

Stranger Peaks - Prom Queen

instrumental - suitable for sampling
not like a soundtrack bit - too clearly structural
might be usable for a montage, where its structure wouldn't get in the way of the narrative

Hey Fahkah - Eddie Vedder [from Ukulele Songs]

an error left in
an artifact of listening to albums one track at a time
a few seconds of EV making a mistake and making a comment about it
see title

Dangal - Daler Mehndi Pritam [from Bollygood Volume 2]

spice flavored drum
big screen production
can't really be about anybody or by anybody

False Transom - Triptet [from Imaginary Perspective]

like a union suit

who's that knocking on my hull?

Regrade - Paul Kikuchi - Paul Kikuchi, Stuart Dempster, Bill Horist, Alex Vittum [from Portable Sanctuary Volume 2 Live in the Great Hall]

the wolves howl in the waters' pasts
do not be transfixed

Don't Go Yet - Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs [from Alone In This Together]

unfinished (or I was in such another headspace after Regrade)
and such a promising start too

Krab - Three Fingers [from Go Deep]

for the band to show off
so they do

14xxooxoxoxxooxo - Paul Rubenstein [from Solo Trios]

How does my knowing there are a collection of these affect my perception of each one? What each one does that isn't what all of each of them does is more and more difficult to pry out the more of them I hear.

Banned Rehearsal 924 Remixed - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Steve Kennedy, Aaron Keyt [December 2016]

I remixed this from the original Telepaths, looping Aaron's Anchorage part and pulling it forward into the mix. Aaron had played toy piano, so in the first mix I was balancing that track as though it were an actual toy piano in session. It may have worked too well. the final didn't sound that different than just our Seattle telepath along. In this version it is clearly a factor in how everything is heard. The repetition by means of the looping does not become apparent as such.

May 27, 2020
Hill Justice - Goat Rodeo [from The Goat Rodeo Sessions]

the focus is sloshed from one soloist to another
be sure to rinse thoroughly

Union Pacific - Paul Kikuchi - Paul Kikuchi, Stuart Dempster, Bill Horist, Alex Vittum [from Portable Sanctuary Volume 2 Live in the Great Hall]

In a tunnel with no train? more likely in a train station. Could the fundamental pitch be calculated? I presume so, but I'm not an acoustician.

What I Don't Want - Full Toilet [from Full Toilet 7"]

mercifully short is their speciality
all in-jokes presumed

Hold the Bacon - Three Fingers [from Go Deep]

theme song for a shit job
but NO!
a performer of self invention
secret life
getting over his stage fright

Canals of Amsterdam - Courtney Marie Andrews [from No One's Slate Is Clean]

lock the shards into place
fragments slip out of the groove
while it goes on revealing sound parts as song parts drifting free of song

The Invisible Language - Dorota Czerner, Steve Layton


shapes imagined

a rabbit hole



jump stop

in blue languages


Oh, Light - Whitney Ballen [from White Feathers, White Linen]

an obscure cosmology
where the light burns in the beat

Groundhog Day - Three Fingers [from Go Deep]

dream more than your dad
the dreary life

There is about 7 minutes of hiss in the middle
at the end another song with ukulele and free reed and tambourine


Psychic Sister - Yuni in Taxco [from Sanpaku]

song and production are at odds and the production has the clear edge
neither does the other favors

Banned Rehearsal 925 Remixed -  Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Steve Kennedy, Aaron Keyt [December 2016]

An instrument's manner of articulation co-articulates the joint space with the other instruments' various manners of articulation. Proximity in the mix matters. Here we are listing from Aaron's Anchorage location.

In Session at the Tintinabulary and Outposts

May 25, 2020
Banned Quarantiniad 200517-18 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Steve Kennedy, Aaron Keyt, Neal Kosály-Meyer

This was assembled from the various recordings we made on May 17 and 18, 2020. Aaron's part was played along to Steve's part, and Aaron suggested that I take some care to synchronize those, as it made some fun phasing effects. I agreed so much I put that combination of tracks in twice, overlapping for much of the middle part of the session.

May 30, 2020
Maple Leaf 200530 (Thunder) - Keith Eisenbrey

This morning surprised us with a thunderstorm. I recorded some of it for your enjoyment.


sir upon the soil of his compliments
i never saw him looking the old lady
was glancing at me for a as much from

a small road in the nether regions
an edge more or less complicated
by the motions of the whole distance between

Saturday, May 23, 2020



"A stimulus to creative activity you value for its specificity. The greater its specificity as a stimulus the more potent its capacity to engender and participate in an episode of creative activity associated with it."
- Benjamin Boretz "two notebook entries, 1981" from "Being About Music Textworks 1960-2003 J. K. Randall Benjamin Boretz Volume 2: 1978-2003"



May 19, 2020
Spite House Presents: Heather B & Amelia C
Heather Bentley and Amelia Love Clearheart
(from Heather's Garden)

Karen and I were sitting at the kitchen table after dinner that evening when, having both signaled our interest in this event, our phones each lit up to announce its beginning about an hour before its official start time. It turned out to be the sound check. Now being connoisseurs of sound checks we each checked in separately. Our streams were offset by 2 or 3 seconds. It was lovely magic.

There were some balance issues during the event itself - which we listened to together on another device - but their obvious rapport shone so bright it hardly mattered. It is always a pleasure to hear them together.


May 16, 2020
Spherics (underlying electronic track) - S. Eric Scribner [from The Storm Sound Cycle]

Music starts at the bottom and grinds at depth, not for our delectation. Signals strike the surfaces and reverberate through, to be passed along. We observe them, and in observing, transform.

Some sounds are events (not many)
some are indirect transitory vibration accumulations
moving through.

Downstream results of events as they propagate in the substrate:
a. we may suspect a mallet that strikes this gong
b. we may suspect a speaking voice


imply a center and a limit, dividing space

May 17, 2020
Little Blue Boat - SeaStar [from Never Go Back]

available for any maritime use
onshore or off

14oxooxxoxoxxoo - Paul Rubenstein [from Solo Trios]

These sounds are acting out
wearing  costumes

as sounding objects
are quick responders
capable of negotiating intricate puzzles

the plucked kalimba bars
are stiffer
less nimble

Charlotte's Umbrella - Bicycle Face [from The Wonders of Female Strength]

A fun song with
umbrella ella ella ella
whack'em with it

as a genre, the solidarity history song is a bit like hymnody
but they point back at heroes
whereas hymns point back atcha

Less is Moi - Goat Rodeo [from The Goat Rodeo Sessions]


perhaps that's my real problem with this, not that it's the stuffed shirt playing for the quasi-brow crowd
but that it's so much stuffier than high-brow can be
it is so classy,
takes such pains not to offend,
suitable for NPR use
we've been snookered

Rain - No Rey [from Contradictions]

how to begin?
start with strumming
that's a good trick

respect your sisters and don't kill your brothers
family advice

a multiple tempo song made of partial songs can be a narrative
(see Dichterliebe)

Under Evergreen - Shelby Earl [from Burn The Boats]

Wake up!
Out from!

(stray thought as I type: this could be about subterranean activity  associated with our hippie state college)

All At Once - Tyler Daniel Bean [from On Days Soon To Pass]

For all I know he's reading the back of a soup can to us. Off into the dreamy future of forever looking back, on and on.

Empty Space - Operation ID [from Legs]

An imperative?
Do it right now!

The crew is on it. All the equipment is heading in now. It is an intricate activity, emptying space. Where will we put all the stuff?

Outro - Lunas [from Over Me]

strummy dreamy streamy
stream strum stream strum
I smell the blood of a dreamyman

Longing to Belong - Eddie Vedder [from Ukulele Songs]

That line was well built. Melodic variation as a rhetorical underlining, emphasis.

Fucking Maggot - Three Fingers [from Go Deep]

Rock and roll (if that is what this is) (and if it isn't then what it is (that isn't rock and roll)) as a mode of social amplification.

Parallel in Name Only - Triptet [from Imaginary Perspective]

and in the eye of the beholder


space having been
emptied earlier
improvised theatricals

Trump's Snake Oil Medicine Show - Smokestack and the Foothill Fury

His backup singers and band are dynamite.

Just Leave Me There - Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs [from Alone In This Together]

its hard for the blues to fly
but it must try

Highland Mary - SeaStar [from Never Go Back]

Some people really get into ethnic heritage.
They form clubs and bands and all.

May 19, 2020
You're A Cop - Full Toilet [from Full Toilet 7"]

clever verse and pitch-perfect sound design
the poetics are narrowly satirical
the musical portion supports that
but isn't itself satirical

Grown-Ups Are H8ers - Bicycle Face [from The Wonders of Female Strength]

by babysitters for their charges
to make common cause

Unbalanced Suns - Courtney Marie Andrews [from No One's Slate Is Clean]

I remember the first time I heard a guitarist's fingers shifting along the neck in recorded music. It was probably some Simon & Garfunkle song or other. As a classical musician in training, this came as something of a mind bend. It still is, after a fashion. It makes the player's body audible in a way that singing, oddly enough, doesn't, except when breathing is audible. It underlines both that music is a bodily activity, and that more than music, as classically understood, results from it.

Sunday Song - No Rey [from Contradictions]

Pick strum sound doesn't have the same effect. Rather, it comes across like a harpsichord's un-pitched twang or a piano's felt-hammer thump. It brings the instrument forward, not the body of the performer.

There is some nice duet singing here. At the end the board operator gets hold of it for an inverted fade-out: repeat the last line past what balance would require then increase the gain on what is left over.

Mackey Creek - Whitney Ballen [from White Feathers, White Linens]

The particulars of the story behind this don't matter, but the precision with which she spools it out does.

Snooze - Three Fingers [from Go Deep]

When you need me
I won't be awake
a rejoinder, kiss-off type

May 21, 2020
Postprandial Depression - Yuni in Taxco [from Sanpaku]

A half-second of great sound before recorded amplification smudges it out. If it doesn't have my trademark sound then no-one will know it's me.

Arrow - SeaStar [from Never Go Back]

A two-chord* song
until the chorus
of which the first chord has two pitches sung as extremities of an interval
and how those two pitches hang with the other chords and changes

*the one chord and all the others. Ken Benshoof once opined, in a composition lesson long ago, apropos of Rameau-type harmony thinking, that there were only three chords: Tonic, Dominant, and Everything Else. After some thought he added, "well, maybe also Subdominant is its own place."

The Wasteland - Curtains For You [from After Nights Without Sleep]

A journey in each verse
as is each day
the song Paul McCartney was aiming at but kept missing

Pants! The Mini Musical - Bicycle Face [from The Wonders of Female Strength]

We saw Bicycle Face do this show live, with props and costumes, at the Highway 99 Blues Club, back in 2015.

This version has
corsets! sound effects!
otherwise unaccompanied
fabulous kerfufflousness
with the Feminist sermon, of course
quite enjoyable

Track 7 - High Class Wreckage [Live at the Funhouse, July 2011]

fill in the blank spot with feedback
rough hewn

The vocal got lost in this one.

I Still Miss Someone - No Rey [from Contradictions]

genres within genres venning promiscuously with promiscuously venning genres
(nice snare drum sound!)

Track 7 - Pouch [Live at the Funhouse, July 2011]

yes he's shoutscreamroaring
but with focused rhythmic intent
loud as they are these songs are tiny

2X4 - Three Fingers [from Go Deep]

sexual persona parading
smartly satirical

Save Me - White Orange [from White Orange]

such a gentle opening
then the same notes powered up
but losing nothing of the atmospheric stasis
still mood

the underlying clarity of the composition remains

back to a gentler sound with only an echo of the roar

The Spook - The Deadrones

playing the John Lennon Trick
you can this and that but you're blank inside
keep it vague for maximum imputation of meaning-riddled-ness

In Session at the Tintinabulary and Outposts

May 17, 2020
05 17 20 Covid Toothbrush BR - Steve Kennedy

Steve brushed thoroughly
almost 30 minutes

May 18, 2020
Bannedecameron 200518 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Neal Kosály-Meyer

Karen and I played electric guitars
Neal dialed in from the Lake City outpost
and played an electric guitar

STE-024 200518 - Aaron Keyt

From Toad Hall, Aaron
phasing along to Steve's thorough brushing


possible passive when such without any
active work of its own but likewise for
the night is which may enter of all kinds

no view now
elf ore
the rose's thorn is the cowl of the receder

Saturday, May 16, 2020



contraponderables , parablisms , allelomorphs [:imaged:] implode ;
designanda , mined , scrunch -- & [ , transhewn ] quicken , take life .

- J.K. Randall "provoked your majesty" from "Being About Music Textworks 1960-2003 J. K. Randall Benjamin Boretz Volume 2: 1978-2003"



May 10, 2020
Lost - Smokestack and the Foothill Fury [from America's Freedom Death March]

banjo solo
whittle out of a stick

Side Effects - Lunas [from Over Me]

solid core riffing song with coda in a different sound world: first fuzzed then ringy

Stiff Joints - Yuni in Taxco [from Sanpaku]

old fashioned (60s?) room feel
neo psychedelic

Your Eyes - Tyler Daniel Bean [from On Days Soon to Pass]

projecting the guitar figure into the greater arrangement
the band is a bigger guitar

modest fuzz
turn off the amps
close the door

May 11, 2020
Made Of Sand - Shelby Earl [from Burn the Boats]

a mixed message
solid, firm
utterance of nonsubstance

unmeasured space between slow curving beats

Airstrip Timber Sale - Bicycle Face [from The Wonders of Female Strength]

tree hugging message on good enough music

The Muse - Operation ID [from Legs]

barking mad
then falls away by a long ellipsoidal curve

unstable orbit

worry heats up to start over
having come back around

Last Call - No Rey [from Contradictions]

attributed thoughts
the music is competent enough
in a stripped down REM sort of way
not to challenge
but to comfort with familiarity

Broken Heart - Eddie Vedder [from Ukulele Songs]

the intonation of the ukulele's sound box pulls the octaves tight

A Line - Arbor Towers [from In Transit EP]

begins like a story teller
but loses a grip on his saying of what he's saying

relies on the languishing mood to hold us
not so danceable that we don't wonder when it will be over
stops sudden

Kill the Kids - White Orange [from White Orange]

fill every molecule with sound
the moshers are bobbing in it
like ducks
this is so quack!

engineer can have 7 seconds at the end to play
no more

Our Heads Split Us Apart - India Glover [from Pup Demo]

diary entry or epistle or practice for a conversation
India leaves in the do-overs
bravely done
those redone do-overs!

song structural elements
verse chorus bridge for example
as tarot to organize the circling obsession of what to say

Wooden Hands - Yuni in Taxco [from Slow Charade]

not filling the room tight
as White Orange does

always an equal distance to each of its moments
never gets closer

White Dwarf - Ancient Warlocks [from Ancient Warlocks Live]

fantasy heroic
the line can only be held aloft a few syllables at a time

instrumental gravity
surface of center mass
feel it press upon you

Echolocation Song - Triptet [from Imaginary Perspective]

invents itself from the sound of itself
life inside the bell

Loon Lake - Tyler Daniel Bean [from On Days Soon to Pass]

speak slow
for attracting girls
is the line we hear

be the strong silent romantical type

back to the journal entry epistolary poem heartfelt note plea

Henry Darger - Michael Owcharuk [from Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble Volume 1]

What is it that makes this so instantly and clearly a theater pit composition? Nothing is left to chance. The composed-ahead-of-time synchronized tunes.

(helluva pit orchestra though!)

a fire escape quiet evening movie melody
3 scenes

and that playing it together live room they are in that is clearly there with you.

Brauerhaus - Three Fingers [from Go Deep]

pop punk shows its roots
a love song fantasy memoir

Gold and Silver - Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs [from Alone in This Together]

cleaning up
emptying after
a house
vacant of its curator

Luaidh Mo Chèile - SeaStar [from Never Go Back]

purposeful mis-accentuation to imitate a translation
or a tune inflicted: find the first tune, find the last

Track 5 - High Class Wreckage [Live at The Funhouse, July 2011]

I was recording these on a DAT, re-using media (it was getting hard to find and expensive) - never convinced that the recording wouldn't be totally overdriven and a waste. Looking back it is quite a nice little time capsule.

Stride - Robber's Roost [from Live in Minneapolis]

keep appearances up
he talks even faster than he sings or strums

Track 5 - Pouch [Live at The Funhouse, July 2011]

mathematics of what fits in four and how,
it lets us in briefly,
so that we are the cadenza

The Motherfucking Bus (Part II) - Chaotic Noise Marching Corps [from Zero to Lizard Man]

and its qualities
how it sounds
as it goes
and where

Empires Ending (Side A) - Koko and the Sweetmeats [from Sacrifice]

what is it that, socially, holds a sound, like this, together? Are all of them, really, personally, into it? Or is this just, sadly, resignedly, close enough?

bang the tambourine desultory

I'm Perverted - Choke The Pope [from Emotional Material]

takes more than that

May 12, 2020
Cold Wind - Curtains For You [from After Nights Without Sleep]

this beat bounces
nothing is so massive
as can't be maneuvered
or respun
while up in air

No Jobs - Robber's Roost [from Swallow Your Fears]

hermetic seal
safer there than here

Soundform I (underlying electronic track) - S. Eric Scribner [from The Storm Sound Cycle]

presence with minimal activity
steady slow flow
and our ears in their respective location to it

Relief - Lunas [from Over Me]

compressed right up to the speaker cone
somebody's singshouting something back there somewhere
it even sounds like it might be an interesting vocal, so why is it buried? is it too particular?

slow down quiet coda
no vocal

13xxooxoxxoxoox - Paul Rubenstein [from Solo Trios]

playing with an invented tuning
invented being my theory for what this project uses to find places within it that will articulate

attractive trio
mbira of some kind
a monochord?
and a sound I don't recognize, but has a bit of a celeste or toy piano sound to it, lower pitched though, almost sustained

If It'd Rain - SeaStar [from Never Go Back]

a chord figure is a way for hands to behave so as to support the voice, like audible hand talking, enfolding voice in a bodily embrace of suggestion or precision

Franz and the Eagle - Goat Rodeo [from The Goat Rodeo Sessions]

all the burrs filed off and polished so it won't hurt easy listening very tasteful

Wildflowers - Bicycle Face [from The Wonders of Female Strength]

single location mic recording is enough information to construct a believable space in which the musicians are
i can almost tell how mussed the bed is she is sitting on

May 13, 2020
The Short Answer - Full Toilet [from Full Toilet 7"]

meta raw
nothing left but what abrades

Cemetery Girls - Chaotic Noise Marching Corps [from Zero to Lizard Man]

no room left for pretty moments
blast filled

{the kind of energy that, quite frankly, made me quit band back in HS}

Sex Dreams - Courtney Marie Andrews [from No One's Slate Is Clean]

perpetual parting words
music box sounds sound like memory (a trope)

Exes R Us - No Rey [from Contradictions]

heartfelt?? not really
comfort after severance? hm
the clever title gives it away

In Place of Time - Whitney Ballen [from White Feathers, White Linens]

noisy motor sounds in the left channel
reverbed up for mood lighting

Love In the Way We Wanted - India Glover [from Pup Demo]

all sorts of b'bye songs this afternoon

Attitude Adjustment Stations - Yuni in Taxco [from Sanpaku]

backing vocals hiding in the metallic reverb
it is hard to hear
so shiny!

Terrible Touch - Ancient Warlocks [from Ancient Warlocks Live]

instrumentalists in touch with their slow slow tempo
they know exactly where it is

and the value of a strong vocal delivery
though buried in this live recording

Distant Rooms - Shelby Earl [from Burn the Boats]

she is not an alto profundo
nor a mezzo soprano
her voice is someplace that is all of each of those

it inhabits each place clearly and wholly

a difficult voice to forget

Seattle, CA - Choke The Pope [from Emotional Material]

adenoidal lesser Seattle novelty song
good for a lame laugh

Where Are You? - Operation ID [from Legs]

meter patchwork hip hop quick change pulsethread sensibility

On Days Soon To Pass - Tyler Daniel Bean [from On Days Soon to Pass]

There is a brief (single bar?) drum tempo intro to the whole which otherwise has nothing to do with the rest of it - though I could hear it as an index point for section-to-section affect relation, i.e. the feel of that intro to what ensues
in relation to the relation between what then ensued and what next ensued.
a key to allow a certain nothingness or transparence to stand alone

Satellite - Eddie Vedder [from Ukulele Songs]

uke holds its own against a well carved lyric baritone

what is the difference between songwritering and tunesmithering?

Head - Three Fingers [from Go Deep]

1st measure (the standard)
2nd measure (the incremental instability)
repeat (hold the standard)
repeat (as new increment or as increment of increment)

Under The Surface of Saturn - Triptet [from Imaginary Perspective]

right there where your face is

Galway Bay - SeaStar [from Never Go Back]

the grass grows greener
back there

Wolves In Disguise - Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs [from Alone in This Together]

we've all heard the song of the siren blues

Families - Bicycle Face [from The Wonders of Female Strength]

recognizably sized people singing

May 14, 2020
Track 6 - Pouch [Live at The Funhouse, July 2011]

full body rock breaking hammer drive
cut short ? string breaking hammer drive ?

Sharlet's Rag - Robber's Roost [from Swallow Your Fears]

song for the little dog who leaps for tossed toys

Track 6 - High Class Wreckage [Live at The Funhouse, July 2011]

holds steady rushing forward
trips over its feet

To Find Sense In Freedom - Lunas [from Over Me]

another fast part slow part song
in play: bass as line, as rhythm

as rhythm drum as pulse as polymeter
polymeter yes, even though in lock step

rhythm guitar as chord as fuzz
as polymetric glue

lead guitar as voice:
voice elaboration avatar
rides atop or within

Sunspots - White Orange [from White Orange]

markers have been removed or obscured

you are in the song but the terrain barely changes

an engineering feat to make any of it audible above any of it

Giant - SeaStar [from Never Go Back]

old prophetical tales

Idlers - Yuni in Taxco [from Slow Charade]

vocal, languidly, finds spots within the changes to arrive at so that the whole might circle with working hard at it
slow bit faster bit song

Lucretia, We Need Ya! - Bicycle Face [from The Wonders of Female Strength]

heroes of old battles
history for the sistery
just voices and clapping

Will We Ever Make It To the Ocean (B-side) - Koko and the Sweetmeats [from Sacrifice]

tambourine ring
choral harmonic phrases

Threads - No Rey [from Contradictions]

professionally done
brand applied

Milky Shakes - Samantha Boshnack [from Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble Volume 1]

slow intro
like Haydn
movement doesn't build complexity energy
more of a heat up energy to boil over
send in the drummer to cool things off
or bring out a new dancer
back into the night air with bass and flugel

Dying Stoned And Alone - Choke The Pope [from Emotional Material]

fast bit slow bit for the moral of the story
play it some more with cymbal spray
back to fast bit to repeat it out
slow moral again

Innocent Love - Smokestack and the Foothill Fury [from America's Freedom Death March]

the cussedly independent being
whose sole song
is their cussed independence

is a clown type

When I Think Too Much - Tyler Daniel Bean [from On Days Soon to Pass]

you can just taste the swimmy light show

is it about
or is it like

(probably) not performed from a depressed place
but finding the heaviness of it
its comfort

Eduardo Kac's Dream Song - Yuni in Taxco [from Sanpaku]

I am frustrated in my desire to hear them singing. What seems to be happening behind the engineered scrim gauze is more interesting that any effect that the scrim gauze could ever have.

Ghost Town - Three Fingers [from Go Deep]

you got scared
and left me here
guess I'll have
another beer

[two syllable beer: bee'-ə]

who is the ghost,
the absent one
or the fright that scared the absent one away?

Eggs Over Toast - Curtains For You [from After Nights Without Sleep]

bacon grease
cooking life
in every way whimsified

First of Seven - The Sun Giants [from 7" Split with Deadrones]

a rhythm section on the make
I remember in hearing them live how fine the bass player is

a band is a thing people are in

Assembled in Quarantine at the Tintinabulary and Outposts

Since the middle of March Banned Rehearsal has been making recordings from our holed-up locations and sharing those sounds among us. I have assembled here each bi-week's individual files by layering them together. This is the same practice I have followed for the Banned Telepaths, of which the first were made in our first year. It isn't a new practice for us, just a special name for solidarity.

March 22-24, 2020

Banned Quarantiniad 200322 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Steve Kennedy, Aaron Keyt

April 6, 2020
Banned Quarantiniad 200406 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Steve Kennedy, Aaron Keyt, Neal Kosály-Meyer

April 20, 2020
Banned Quarantiniad 200420 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Steve Kennedy, Aaron Keyt, Neal Kosály-Meyer

May 4, 2020
Banned Quarantiniad 200504 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Aaron Keyt, Neal Kosály-Meyer


twig hairs ruffled up and with open eyes
and few words unhoped-for but when she
invited me to take the place next to


iris ask'd
solstice into
open olive lakes

Saturday, May 9, 2020



"Somewhere, metabounded nowhere,
there may arise
a language which might be a music
a music which might be a language:"
- Benjamin Boretz "Language, as a music"



May 3, 2020
15xxoxooxoxoooxo - Paul Rubinstein [from Solo Trios]

it might be about its microtonal type mode
in a familiar sense to which any other music might be
or it might be its microtonal type mode
in order to more distinctly separate the voices from each other

Banned Rehearsal 925 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Steve Kennedy [December 2016]

free reeds reach
along the coast

through the course of a session
we adjust to each other's intensity of engagement
so that risks can be taken to expand the frame of engagement

{note to self: Anchorage is more present, when present, than in 924,
but it could be spread throughout by looping}

{{they came such a long way after all}}

What Good Am I To You Now? - Curtains for You [from After Nights Without Sleep]

the ordering of song parts
can also shuffle the sense of what a chorus means
or approach it from other angles

Be Free - No Rey [from Contradictions]

The backup singers sound like The Fleetwoods, down to the riff and balance of voices.

The Phone Message - Full Toilet [from Full Toilet 7"]

drums and prevocal gruntings

Aokigahara - Arbor Towers [from In Transit EP]

slowly accumulating interlocking containers
succession matters

rudimental drumming marches on!

Song from the Storms and the Winds (underlying electronic track) - S. Eric Scribner [from The Storm Sound Cycle]

a steady tone interacts with the recorded sound of thunder

Above - India Glover [from Pup Demo]

This recording allows, amplifies, the narrowness of the distance between me, listening, and her, singing, and strumming, with her finger nails.

Brimstone - High Class Wreckage [from High Class Wreckage]

most righteous ride at the fair

Bearded Lady - Bicycle Face [from The Wonders of Female Strength]

[pronoun] doesn't need to be a

lovely actually

Mistress of the Stone - Courtney Marie Andrews [from No One's Slate is Clean]

complaint poem
accusation poem
goes deeper than you want

Killer's Moon - Ancient Warlocks [from Ancient Warlocks Live]

melter of walls
more of the most righteous

Flour - Whitney Ballen [from White Feathers, White Linens]

tempting spider
un self a ware


Rose - Ease [from Roots]

working on a morbidly particular terroir of technologically weirded sound space image
a pathology

Where I Wanna Be - SmokeStack and the Foothill Fury [from America's Freedom Death March]

trope: I'm proud of where I'm from :: You aren't :: Take it back
class distinctions at ground level

Jealousy - Choke the Pope [from Emotional Material]

This could be a song in Inside Out Two

May 5, 2020
Dead Moons - Yuni in Taxco [from Sanpaku]

for an actor
singing to an actor
on a stage
who ya wanna be?

congealed mass
manufactured real space

I'm not sure I entirely believe that the snare drum's sympathetic acoustic response wasn't added later

Come On Friends - Robber's Roost [from Swallow Your Fears]

yee haw!

happy happenstance that found Karen and me on the same street corner as a busking Mark Paschen in Ellensburg on that strangely windless night these years ago

Beloved - Shelby Earl [from Burn The Boats]

so many mirrored texts
the tune goes by so easy

FFFA - Tyler Daniel Bean [from On Days Soon to Pass]

epistolary line
fill in the details of your situation
aiming for a bit part in a soundtrack
(not so distracting as to frighten a director)

Different Peoples' Perception of The Same Thing - Operation ID [from Legs]

there is no thing to be the same as
(no location where comparison can occur)

Blast Off - Lunas [from Over Me]

isolation ward cell wall rage

Wonderful - White Orange [from White Orange]

narrating its own power stasis brick wall
it's all in my head

Along the Tay - SeaStar [from Never Go Back]

(looking back) (having gone back) (borrow history) (hitch a ride)

Slow Charade - Yuni in Taxco [from Slow Charade]

lots of strumming

Waiting - Ancient Warlocks [from Ancient Warlocks II]

transparently heavy
massive dense

mountain sized elephant seal

Twang - Jim Knodle - Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble [from Seattle Jazz Composers Ensemble Volume 1]

clown march!
through the decades
party on!

a flirty wave
from behind the curtain


Degradation - Robber's Roost [from Live in Minneapolis]

The problem with protesting everybody is that the crossfire can't be dodged
especially if you pay attention

Goodbye - Eddie Vedder [from Ukulele Songs]

plays all his tricks with tunes and words
but didn't finish

Crage Against - Chaotic Noise Marching Corps [from Zero to Lizard Man]

brand name hullabaloo

May 6, 2020
Imaginary Perspective - Triptet [from Imaginary Perspective]

sustained tones on sax and electric guitar move in breath shaped flanges
utterly remaking the percussion chatter into quasi-breath shaped flanges
as they themselves are minutely measured by its various articulations

sinews and vertebrae

Diaper Bitch - Three Fingers [from Go Deep]

short line bare
statements of fate

late fetish Velvet U

Time - Star Anna and The Laughing Dogs [from Alone In This Together]

absolute internally intimate aggressive empathy as a starting point

the room
is small

you are
in it

with this

Celilo Falls - Bicycle Face [from The Wonders of Female Strength]

the message as told from outside the story
as though we weren't part of it
not our story to tell as though from outside of its benefits and debts
educational diversion from our ugly part

Track 4 - High Class Wreckage [Live at the Funhouse, July 2011]

some sort of cover as drunkenly announced
slow jammish
then explodes furious at its own weakness
rage rage
but tired

Plastic Ducks - No Rey [from Contradictions]

epistle in relationship extremis
gone off the poetic rails
admirably non global
non universal
too much underlining

Track 4 - Pouch [Live at the Funhouse, July 2011]

how to score the opening of a Jarmusch movie
speeding through Manville
early AM ghost town
camera aimed rearwards

Histrionic - Arbor Towers [from In Transit EP]

as though the sound has all been soaking in the same brine too long
no effect will ever correct a flaw
like wearing the wrong clothes for you
1/2 a song at most

Always On - High Class Wreckage [from High Class Wreckage]

moment freak

if it weren't for the gut suck hollow micromoments
catching on the ribs ahead of breath

They Say - India Glover [from Pup Demo]

finding or exploring ways through a text
toe in water here then there

Human Connection (Side A) - Koko and the Sweetmeats [from Sacrifice]

recorded in a large, distant acoustic
microphones placed exactly 1.3 meters in
from the point where the sound mushes entirely
the sense of the sound is all that's left
reverb demo

Superwizard - Ancient Warlocks [from Ancient Warlocks Live]

from outer space
character assertion
like a costume
piercings tattoos
preened feathers

May 7, 2020
Here and Heaven - Goat Rodeo [from The Goat Rodeo Sessions]

Its relation to, say, bluegrass, is like that of jazz choir arrangement  to Duke Ellington

Outro - Ease [from Roots]

because song cycle?
so that, smart?

The Great War - Curtains For You [from After Nights Without Sleep]

a pleasingly shapely song
the pregnant 18th Century sudden pause is alive and well

My Car - Choke The Pope [from Emotional Material]

lame statement lifted into a song
though lifted may be overstating the case

the interval from the statement's bare bones lameness
to the particular lackadaisical song affect
is a half-assed humor of the novelty song type
straight from the dropout corps

Songbird and Stillness (underlying electronic track) - S. Eric Scribner [from The Storm Sound Cycle]

underneath awareness by design
what does not demand attention loses attention
unless you hold on

all brought low
baring the mechanism's deaf spot
evacuating into the void of aesthetic chaos

where we would listen from
is gone

Nineteen - SeaStar [from Never Go Back]

price paid
worker lost blues
nineteen souls
ghost wail
hand stones and head songs
cost paid
we owe them

13xoxxoxooxoxxo - Paul Rubinstein [from Solo Trios]

(blogger listening with headphones)
each ear is severed from the other
split head
and the ear in the middle
from the other two

an experimental control

hard global distancing

neither of the three has an effect upon any other of the either two

no help from me
you've got to put it together yourself

reveals negatively the degree to which our human-stereo audition helps ontologize the cross-sequencing of disparate parts,

as though a part of our experiencing was set to zero, turned off

Mystery 7 (now "Benediction"? - Ancient Warlocks [from Ancient Warlocks II]

like an extracted voice from Scarlatti
it has a similar flavor of pattern play

Pist Office - Full Toilet [from Full Toilet 7"]

parts compressed and curtailed
28 seconds

This Year - Robber's Roost [from Live in Minneapolis]

(it's about last year)
everything is nothing
as it seems

Ballad of a Home Once Left - Courtney Marie Andrews [from No One's Slate is Clean]

a parent's letter to a leaving leaver


small intimate
but not inflated

Perry Mason - Chaotic Noise Marching Corps [from Zero to Lizard Man]

from the playlist of any 1975 middle school band concert
with enthusiasm!

Jeff Buckley - Whitney Ballen [from White Feathers, White Linens]

stays small
in its room
takes a look at the window

Only The Weakest - Robber's Roost [from Swallow Your Fears]

will prevail
persona as ethos

In Session at the Tintinabulary and Outposts

May 4, 2020
Bannedecameron 200504 Maple Leaf Lake City - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Neal Kosály-Meyer

STE-023 200504 - Aaron Keyt

Karen and I are back in the studio
the porch being chilly that night
Neal dials in
Aaron downloads us
and plays along


in person fetched away h'm said hans
behind the scenes then yes for the most part
but possibly might now you the thing to

blunders ahead
clouds arrive