Saturday, February 19, 2011



Young Americans - David Bowie

Especially on the first side, the song-ness of these songs are subsumed in the engineering of the ultra-sophisticated arrangements. Of course, that's the point.

Sonata 1980 - Keith Eisenbrey
Pastorale 850113A - Keith Eisenbrey - The Fehrwood Ensemble

Banned Rehearsal #209 - Banned Rehearsal

This recording was made in 1990, at a time when the active band was Karen, Aaron, and myself. Neal and Anna were in California, and the kids had not yet arrived. The sessions from this time are occasionally haphazard, low-energy affairs veering into a giggly cleverness. This session, however, is tight as tight for a full 40 minutes. It withers just a bit but then settles into a nicely drummy groove to the end.

grey angel - Christopher DeLaurenti - Michael Nicolella

Bathyspheric and supraspheric at once.

The Abyss - Keith Eisenbrey

recorded "live" at a performance in 2006 at our church.

Extracts 7 - Keith Eisenbrey

A thin set with holes. Artifacts: the residue of intention - interesting because I read into them my ideas about my intention in making them, and also discover in listening to them an image of their own intention.


Gradus 187 - Neal Meyer

The Threepenny Opera - Kurt Weill - Bertolt Brecht - English adaption by Marc Blitzstein, directed by Stephanie Shine
The Seattle Shakespeare Company at Intiman Theatre, Seattle

A far more interesting piece than pleasing. For three acts we are berated bluntly and harshly with a disillusioning moral Realpolitik, propounded by demons. There is little here by which we can redeem our humanity, except the occasional deeply anxious pause of an actor as he lets the sound of marching fascists pass in the street. The play itself is a reworking of Don Giovanni twisted upside down. We watch a charismatic male lead, accustomed to being above the law, as he repeatedly fails, losing his grip at the hands of three female revenge seekers, only to be snatched away at the gallows. But rather than being pulled into hell by demons he is plucked into a Victorian materialist's heaven.

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