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Youkali (Tango Habanera) - Kurt Weill - Diane McNaron/Shari Boruvka
Sweet Substitute - Jelly Roll Morton
Symphony in 3 Movements - Stravinsky - London SO/Colin Davis

I keep getting a sneaking suspicion that the three movements of the title are not the three obvious ones, but that at every moment there are three afoot.

Dancing on the Ceiling - Barbara Carroll
I Don't Care if the Sun Don't Shine - Elvis Presley

a live recording with a honky-tonk piano player in the back.

Rosace - Henri Mulet - David Di Fiore

I've heard David perform this piece live on numerous occasions, and it always comes back to the question of how we put meter together in our heads as the music goes along. The issue is right up front with this piece, because the metrical appearance on the score is pretty straightforward, but as the notes speak into space our sense of where the downbeat is is dis-moored.

Momente (1965 version) - Stockhausen - Symphony Orchestra of Radio Cologne/Martina Arroyo/Aloys Kontarsky/Alfons Kontarsky

This piece pre-figures, using low-tech labor-intensive means, much of what later electronic music found itself doing. The signal produced by a sound source (the soprano) is split apart and transformed by the mechanism (the rest of the crew).

String Quartet #7 - Otto Klemperer - Philharmonia SQ

Not a great piece, but it comes across as a valiant attempt at static pathos, like still photographs that ought to evoke stories, but refuse to.

Big Foot Feller - Buell Kazee
The Inuit (Eskimos) of the Arctic Circle vol. 2
Pastorale 850114B - Keith Eisenbrey - The Fehrwood Ensemble

This tape is the same take layered onto itself 16 times, combined with a tape of an ice storm on my window in Red Hook to cover up some of the tape hiss.

Banned Rehearsal 211 - Banned Rehearsal

Banned Rehearsal 557 - Banned Rehearsal

Early on in the life of Banned Rehearsal we coined a word to describe certain sessions that seemed ready to fall asleep at any moment, in which nothing could be done to move anything or do anything. Often these were lovely things to listen to, as is this quintessentially sedatory recording.

what remains . . . - Tom Baker

Among other things, a selection of the surfaces of recorded sound. The structure is strictly intent on getting out of the way of just what a thing sounds like, whether it be a thing of body or a thing of ether.

Gradus 171 - Neal Meyer


Gradus 190 - Neal Meyer

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