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May 8, 2011
Mudgett: Monologues by a Mass Murderer - J.K. Randall

An essay in envelopes and timbretypes presumably using some precursor to C-Sound. The combination of bleepbloop music with voice overtwined evokes an eerie air of dis-familiarity.

Symphony No. 22  "City of Light":" - Alan Hovhaness - Seattle SO/Hovhaness

No building of tension, nor any building of sonority really. Perhaps a building of presence or/and apartness. Cathedral, massy.

Two Interruptions - Keith Eisenbrey

My live performance in 2005, a bit clumsy.

War - U2

I love the way the drums sound, especially on the first cut. As though recorded in an empty room.

One: twotext - Benjamin Boretz

An expanding space in which each flotsamite also partakes of expanding space.

Banned Rehearsal 216 - Banned Rehearsal

Begins with a texture of ocarina and two plucked strummers, moving to two flutes and a single strummer. Whistleshrill and windup toys.

May 10, 2011
Banned Rehearsal 561 - Banned Rehearsal

Gently arousing sax & rattles, gradually cornet and larger percussion. Flatfooted drumming - a study in the delicate sense of what together is.

May 12, 2011
Hockets (midi version B) - Keith Eisenbrey
Gradus 172 - Neal Meyer

The idea of a note - franctured
The idea of pitch-class - melted

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