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May 29, 2001
My Special Lover - The Fleetwoods
The Stoned Guest - PDQ Bach
Fynne's Polka - Dwight "Red" Lamb
Leaving Here, Don't Know Where I'm Goin' - Joe K. Rakestray, Art Rosenbaum

The last two tracks are from Art Rosenbaum's magnificent 4 disc collection "The Art of Field Recording vol. 1".

Three: for Keith 1: text - Benjamin Boretz

May 30, 2001
Banned Rehearsal 218 - Banned Rehearsal
Banned Rehearsal 564 - Banned Rehearsal

A lesson in transparency and balance.

Hockets - Keith Eisenbrey

This is from my recital of November 5, 2005, and the only recording I have of the piano solo version. I am pleased that in spite of the mind-boggling complexity of composing the thing, the final effect is luminous and clear. The idea was to write a piece that was an essay in pitch-class-set content determinacy within a mod-12 syntax (the usual 12 notes), while at the same time was entirely composed of order-determinate row forms derived from a single index row within a synthetic mod-17 syntax (in which pitches 17 semi-tones apart are defined to be pitch-class equivalent). The challenge is that within mod-17 arithmetic, unlike within mod-12 arithmetic, all of the multiplicative transforms (except M-0) to pitch and order yield like-sized sets. In short, there are 17*17*17*17 distinct derivations that can be made of any row. Math types out there will realize that there are many duplications among them, but it still adds up to a huge matrix of possibilities. I had to write a computer program to calculate which mod-17 row forms would yield the required sequences of mod-12 pitch-classes. Otherwise I'd still be at it.

June 2, 2011
Gradus 173 - Neal Meyer

Neal says farewell to just three notes for many years. Next time, there will be an E involved.


May 30, 2011
Gradus 193 - Neal Meyer

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