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March 6, 2012
Banned Couple 1 - Banned Rehearsal
Anna K sets her cap at Neal Meyer - 1985

Early in 1985 it occurred to us that when thirty-two 45 minute tapes are lined up they add up to 24 hours of improvisation. A short leap led to the idea of playing them all at once. Not having 32 tape players handy, hampered by the fact that you can't play both sides of a tape at the same time, and possessed of only rudimentary hardware for mixing (two feeder tape decks, one target tape deck, and some 2-to-1 adapter patch cords from Radio Shack) we did the best we could mixing two at a time to create 16 Banned Couples, again to create 8 Banned Mixers, again to create 4 Banned Seminars, again to create 2 Banned Thologies, and finally again to create the Banned Day. As one might expect the actual result was a nearly unlistenable gray fog of glooby aural crud. As I was recently copying tapes to digital I decided to remix this project in hope of balancing levels more carefully and of preserving a bit more detail into the later iterations. Modest success.

March 8, 2012
Soundtext for J. K. Randall - Elaine Barkin [from Open Space 12]

In listening it is easy to treat the discourse as distinct from the collage elements, until those elements intrude upon and obscure the sound of the discourse in fashions uncomfortably wrong-sounding, as though they have sneaked in illegitimately, via some obscure software glitch, rather than as an intentional just-so placement. The effect is disconcerting and alarming, never resolving itself into what should seem to be the obvious intent, pushing a button we would rather not have been pushed, dis-jarring us from easy enjoyment, acceptance, digestion. It should be the point, if we could accept it.

Banned Rehearsal 577 (eisenbrey) - Banned Rehearsal (July 2000, Peter Comley, Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Anna K, Aaron Keyt, Neal Meyer)

My recording (rather than Pete's).

Songs, Psalms, Sarabande - Keith Eisenbrey

I assembled this album in 2005, collecting all of my Gathered Songs, sung by Karen Eisenbrey, Sarabande for trumpet and piano, performed by Jim Knodle, an improvisation by Jim and me at Gallery 1412, and my 2005 remix of Psalm 23 (meditation, responses) using taped sounds of me at the clavichord and of Neal Meyer reading. There are some technical issues here and there, but I think the album holds up pretty well as an interesting listen. The Psalm 23 setting is so off kilter from the rest that it brought me up short, in a way I really like.

Driving To Hawaii - Paul Eisenbrey

My brother Paul is a fine singer/songwriter/guitarist and amateur luthier. This song is a fully realized studio demo. "I'm driving to Hawaii / I hope the danged bridge ain't out".
The world needs more guitars

In Session at The Tintinabulary

Gradus 207 - Neal Meyer

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