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August 11, 2012
Neal Meyer - the memorizist
Writing For The Second Time Through Finnegans Wake - John Cage

Neal Meyer, voice; Jake Thompson, sound design
Chapel Performance Space, Good Shepherd Center, Seattle

Theater, poetry, hilarity, darkness, terror. Not only soggy with the greater, outer, sound-world, but also the time-theater of performance is interpermeate with the time-theater of solar-terrestrial interaction. Cosmic to the gut. Gesamtkunstwerk for real.


August 12, 2012
Somebody Stole My Gal - Frankie Franko [from Allen Lowe's That Devilin' Tune]
Klavierst├╝ck V - Stockhausen - Kontarsky

Every gesture pulls back. It would be interesting to re-listen to this in terms of just how far and in what way each gesture pulls back.

Boys - Shirelles [from The Shirelles Anthology, Rhino Records]

To the adolescent, the other is a commodity.

My Girl - The Temptations [collected from Dave Marsh's The Heart of Rock & Soul]

To the adult, the other is a person.

Lenox - Tickanetley Primitive Baptist Church [from Art Rosenbaum's The Art of Field Recording volume 1]
Banned Rehearsal 31 (May 1985 - Keith Eisenbrey, Anna K, Aaron Keyt, Neal Meyer)
When The Lights Go Out - Bruce Springsteen [from Tracks]

Advice from the next bar stool.

Banned Rehearsal 585 (September 2000 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Aaron Keyt, Neal Meyer)

A short session, delicate with bells and drums.

August 14, 2012
Beware Of The Fox (album) - Antique Scream

Every inch a studio-sound album with fairly strong song-writing and detailed arrangements. It partakes of a wide range aural depth, from full bodied rock & roll to heard over a tinny radio acoustic demo. The vocal lines throughout seem to harp on a just-off-key lower neighbor note about which I was undecided as to whether it was a compositional trope that worked or a modest annoyance. I couldn't help thinking it sounded like as if Pink Floyd had sprung forth in late '90s Seattle, instead of late '60s London. The final, 13+ minute cut contains, in its center, a long long stretch of digital silence - a good 7 minutes at least. A gimmick to be sure, but kind of stunning in a way.

August 15-16, 2012
Wet With Sweat (album) - Antique Scream

 A few years later and up to some of the same shenanigans studio-wise. But the vocalist has expanded his repertoire, occasionally exuding a bit of Bowie from his Tin Machine days. The songs have also branched out a little, showing a psychedelic side of neo-vaudeville. These are both smart, capable albums, nicely arranged to be listenable as a thing. Neither is necessarily an obvious Concept Album, but they take from that ilk a sense of how songs can fit together, and a freedom to take all the time necessary.

In Session at The Tintinabulary

August 13, 2012
Banned Rehearsal 819 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Steve Kennedy, Aaron Keyt, Neal Meyer

Warm day, so we played on the porch crepuscular.


Saturday October 20, 2012 concert begins at 8:00 PM
Keith Eisenbrey - piano recital at The Chapel Performance Space, Good Shepherd Center, Seattle
Preludes in Seattle Part 4: Preludes by Ken Benshoof, Keith Eisenbrey, Lockrem Johnson, and Greg Short

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