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December 28, 2014
Camille Saint-Saëns
Piano Concerto in F (#5) - Camille Saint-Saëns - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Charles Dutoit, Pascal Roge

Proceeding in fours and fours unpretentiously, unprofound, in delight, foursquare rationality leading us methodically to an exquisitely decorated depravity, upon which the curtain falls. Whip it up!

Symphony in G (#4) - Gustav Mahler - Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, George Szell, Judith Raskin

shake the fairy-tale snowglobe
light shifts, spills, runneth over
sinister engines pull back
allow the room's shape 
to emerge, then again 
shake the fairy-tale snowglobe

December 29, 2014
Chamber Symphony #1 - Arnold Schönberg - CBC Symphony Orchestra, Robert Craft

fastforward frenetic, a hint stands for a statement, a phrase stands for a paragraph.

Max Reger
Quartet in F-sharp minor- Max Reger - Reger Quartet

Compared to the Schönberg this is a bit less like being trapped in a contrapuntal sardine can, but only a bit. The key it's in is only a pretense: the actual tonality is a function of the set of keys alluded to in immediacy. Linearity twisted, nearly tangled.

January 1, 2015
Symphony #4 - Charles Ives - New Philharmonia Orchestra, Harold Farberman

a cluttered attic
dustwebs and cobmotes
sacred space creased
syntangled, musty

This music imagines objects and places as anthropocentric repository-presences. They have gathered up their history with us and speak it back to us from within their own shape and condition. The world sings back to us only ourselves, blindingly.

Concerto in C (#3) - Serge Prokofiev - Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Gerard Schwarz, Dickran Atamian

An old comfort all cleaned up and shiny like new.

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