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May 15, 2018
Once In A While - Young Fresh Fellows [from Electric Bird Digest]

using post-production sounds as insert drum beat chord hit
falling apart

Double A Growler - The Boss Martians [from 13 Evil Tales]

music for the geeks of instrumental tracks
but as though made for being partial, never intended as a whole
a track to insert for hip hopping
hipping hop?
sample ready

The Last Train to Kosovo - Sinister Kitchen [from Sonicabal 2001]

state lines wander
cities remain
routes vanish

percussion skeletal public service flesh clinging

Gradus 98 - Neal Kosály-Meyer [March 2006]

A's two three five and six can be and are played all at once, but, when played all at once (several times) there are not four countable things but just the one and so are any played?
or, do any exist as individuals until they are shown one by one to so exist?

composition not a whole built of parts but parts emerging from within a whole
or a whole built of parts
so that
the parts emerge within the whole

long space

long long space

ppppppppp poco cresc. pppppp poco cresc. ppp

the tea kettle whistle pops off in the kitchen
only time for a few last long quiet notes

Tomorrow's Flower - Paul Kikuchi - Jesse Olsen Bay, Stuart Dempster, Bill Horist, Alex Vittum [from Portable Sanctuary, Vol. 1]

robust intonation
nothing fancy
nothing inexact
nor the rain
not inexact

May 17, 2018
Gradus 287 -Neal Kosály-Meyer [March 2016]

playing a flirtatious poke game partly coy partly forthright weight shift into thoughtful considerations
experimental, expressive without indication of it
espressivo senza espressivo
without show of it without the theatrical rhetoric of espressivo
that is
if one were to mark the sheet music espressivo then it would come out wrong
a shift in focus (from):: overtone sonorities ::(toward):: pitch sonorities
not exclusive shift, but point of view
crepuscular (late in the)

In Session at the Tintinabulary

May 14, 2018
Gradus 333 - Neal Kosály-Meyer

enough notes in play that we near an edge across which it would not be plain
that pitch-class limitation
is crucial to identity


by this activity we valorize set comparison
(and set creation)
(and set identification)
as the subject matter of music, which it may not be.
drawing circles around things
(distinction as the activity of listening)
"I heard that" as the sine qua non of consciousness
melody unashamed

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