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"The words we choose to address our musical thoughts and concerns are moral actions. It's not that, by choosing, we have acted in a moral way; nor is it that, by choosing, we act in a way that is good or bad. It is, words are actions, actions that are subject, subject-able, to moral considerations. By choosing words to address our musical thoughts and concerns, we choose verbal language; by choosing verbal language, we choose, willingly or un-willingly, wittingly or un-wittingly, many words, many actions, many moral acts."
Jon Forshee "If Music, as a Music: Three Notions Around the Thoughts of Benjamin Boretz" Open Space Magazine issue 21 spring 2018



September 16, 2018
Forever - Screaming Trees [from Clairvoyance]

twice the tune
twists away from its starting
instrumental bit

then twists away again
just to the point of losing

Banned Rehearsal 271 - John E, Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Aaron Keyt [October 1991]

old ice cream
at Toad Hall
advice for adult living
baby talk
inane conversation with sound effects
distraction of infant in the room

lots of pistons

Aaron proclaims that when J became 27 years of age Bruce Springsteen would be president.
that would be strange
opined Karen
not as strange as who is president
now that J is 27 years of age

Sonata in D minor - Jean-Marie Leclair - Philharmonia Virtuosi [from Evenings With The Captain Vol. 1]

contrapuntal weaves were all the rage still
so everything copied it as a model
as later the operatic scene

civilized grace (what else would one expect from a Jean-Marie?)
some instrumental showing off

September 18, 2018
Drifting - Wes Weddell [from My Northwest Home]

free reed harp as one-man horn section
song of where we landed

Making Hey - Eve Beglarian - Eve Beglarian, Matt Fieldes, Damien Bassman [from Open Space 21]

or was
as in
at as
an or
even was
when that
as in

Night Signals Journey To The Sea - S. Eric Scribner [from Stormsound Cycle, May 2011, private recording]

doing next to nothing for a stretch inflates doing anything from both sides of the performance doing divide
turning in sleep

. . . crickets . . .

woke up the birds

abide next to nothing

abstract literal
(fact as though image)

September 20, 2018
Finnegans Wake Chapter 8 - James Joyce - Mary Lorson and Brian Hall [from Waywords and Meansigns]

on a bed of tones and crickets ALP told all about as a comic dialogue
from the Ginsbergian Beat Voice Sound notion
i.e. music sound upon which to sit
to lie
8 bit hip hop

what men say about women
never the other way

witness we are to conversants' conversant converse

a pause as to shift
point of view


In Session at the Tintinabulary

September 17, 2018
Gradus 339 - Neal Kosály-Meyer

6th B up then a 4th above

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