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February 23, 2019
Dave Knott & Company, last ditch efforts
Piano Drop
Jack Straw Cultural Center - Seattle

Music for a Dropped Piano - Amy Denio
Editorials - Ski
Eleven Little Piano Drops - Gust Burns
3144 - Luke Fitzpatrick
pool - Austin Larkin
quiet time - Brandon Lincoln Snyder
Piano Drop Redux (an aural history fantasia) - Bruce Greeley
Going to Duvall - Home Before Dark
Helios - Jeffrey Bowen
Composed improvisation #1 for piano - James Borchers
Lazarus Board - Bradley Hawkins
Chopsticks - Jay Hamilton
Ground Piauno - Count Constantin
Piano Gusting - Aaron Keyt
Eviscerations Round Dropped Piano - Stanley Shikuma
HELIX-KRAB Drop-Tuned Guitar and What Remains: The Great Old Time Piano Drop Soundboard - Dave Knott

50 years ago or so, in a moment of collective glory for KRAB Radio - now Jack Straw Cultural Center, one of Seattle's treasures - a piano was dropped upon the town of Duvall, Washington. The remains have been stored these many decades until a suitable wake could be arranged.

I was honored to have had a part performing in Aaron's piece. I hope to be able to visit the installation in a couple of weeks. It will be available for public viewing through March 15.

The community remembered, inventing means, each personal, to consider both event and corpse, involving, among other things, perforce, a plenty of methods for pulling sound from a distressed harp and board, many wires still intact. marbles, hands, E-bows, computers, straws, chopsticks, magnetic tape (VHS width, I think), a fan, mallets, a jug-band, pre-recorded sounds, paper clips, . . . , commentary, profound consideration, and thoughtful ears. We come from many places, but we all washed up here.


February 16, 2019
How Can You Do It Alone - The Who [from Face Dances]

designed so warm that the shape of the naked body of sound is muffled
body parts could be anything

Banned Rehearsal 91 - Karen (Meyer) Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Doug Haire, Neal Kosály-Meyer, Wally Shoup [June 1986]

page from my journal
the heavy left
lifting the tippy right
seesaw of sideward


Bale Crumb
Crumb Full
Full Bale

a case of righteous strumming
a base of righteous strumming
a face of righteous strumming

we are the baking of cookies
bit of a clowns in a clown car thing
glorious really
how it moves so quickly into the meta

two waltzes walk into a bar

scraps of what was there blew by

There's A Love - The Young Fresh Fellows [from Electric Bird Digest]

I could be convinced this is among their best

The Abyss - Keith Eisenbrey [from Preludes in Seattle, June 2006]

my 2005 piece
my 60th birthday moon angel
as echoed in our Sanctuary's chamber
(University Temple United Methodist Church)

February 18, 2019
Double Song - Matthew Greenbaum - Stefanie Griffin [from Milton Babbit: A Composer's Memorial]

impatient scrubbing but thorough and strong

Banned Telepath 49 Seattle - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Steve Kennedy, Neal Kosály-Meyer, [June 2016]

first on the porch for the year it was
banjo viola clarinet intonamator gizmo traffic
soundtrack to WB pratfall animation improvised 4U
transports to inside somehow
walls arose
tumblers on tables
as we imitate the sounds of our
our exhabited space
we push it back
walls against those sounds

we do have windows though

priesterly somnolescence

pretend you are right
in the trees to the left a shrill ball of wormy songs
sparrowclan warbles (invasive)

a mix of means

Padua II Galliard IX Allmand II - William Brade - The King's Noyse [from Mascharada]

when one climbs to the top one's view changes to nearly fly
be flying in the blue sky
like the bird does
spirit lifting

such an idea!
to inflict upon dance tunes
all the intellectual and subtle power of polyphony
overkill upon overkill

Keyboard Sonata in B-flat Major, Wq. 65/44 - C.P.E. Bach - Miklos Spanyi

introspective essay
expospective assay
dramatic key area grid

The Better Land - O. A. Parris - University Temple Chancel Choir, Chris Vincent [recorded live on February 17, 2019 just a few hours after I turned 60]

we sound good
our own raucous honest to God
none of our edge off

It's All Right - The Sonics [from Boom]

guitar solo takes its moment
the sound has a voice

Jackie-ing - Thelonius Monk [from The London Collection]
Ibb - scritch my head

after his own fashion
in his own keys

playing a similar introspective game as CPEB

hits the keys that
hard cause that's
how he bends 'em

Watch Your Step - Elvis Costello [from Trust]

another songwritten song
showing off his songwriting skills for actual cred

Little Drummer Boy - [from Listen to the Joy]

must admit, those boychoir rumpapumpums are pornographic in an icky way
and brings in the whole army

Alexander's Ragtime Band - Canadian Brass [from Red, White, & Brass]

of the sort of ensemble that thrives on arrangers - a kind of symbiosis

Cream - Thee Emergency [from Can You Dig It]

lumbers heavy blues

The Field of Arbol III Malacandra - S. Eric Scribner [from Storm Sound Cycle, Chapel Performance Space, Good Shepherd Center, Seattle, May 2011]

the sound of a room emptied of our sound
dim spotlights for illumination of such a vast sound there is of this sound emptied room
the hush of one, listening, whalish, earned
(lovely melodic lines in the marimba rumble)

stage: presentational platform, sacrificial plinthstone, altar

February 19, 2019
Hard Times for Good Days - Dræmhouse [from Only Friends]

introspective in the sense that it speaks directly to an auditor rather than to an audience
there is no crowd out there worth speaking to

Paduan - Thomas Simpson - The King's Noyse [from Mascharada]

the persistence of any part, from the get go, is not tied to the persistence of any other part
except by consent
melody framed as sequence of harmonics evoked in contrapuntal fancy

Keyboard Sonata in E Major Wq. 65/46 - C.P.E. Bach - Miklos Spanyi

the frequency and attitude of how return happens is not altogether comfortable
fancy is encouraged
the thought process of this drama is unstraight, heavily glossed
each movement so varied in its innards as to make the motion from movement to movement less forward
or at least less wrapped and ribboned

February 21, 2019
These Boots Are Made for Walkin' - Nancy Sinatra [a Rescued Record]

kiss off with a guitar lick that makes all worth while

Little Rootie Tootie - Thelonius Monk [from The London Collection]

last note of each bit is the fulcrum
compose a scribble
a place to stand

Track 7 - Empire Brass Quintet [from American Brass Band Journal Revisited]

unfixed repeat fault of vinyl (see below)
a part song hymnish ca 1900 choral anthem suitable for church or sentiment
bonus fast bit!
ripped from vinyl by recording with a boombox the playback from stereo
wireless sound leaping from device to device filtered by all possible equipment failures

Banned Rehearsal 92 - Karen (Meyer) Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Neal Kosály-Meyer [June 1986]

we discuss tape making and self consciousness
My 60th birthday breakfast yummy
finishes but crosswise voice in book of windows
score is best performance the narcissistic orator
behave yourself
the be prefix
3 know it alls becriminating themselves
Neal begins the wake again

In Session at the Tintinabulary

February 18, 2019
Gradus 344 (again) - Neal Kosály-Meyer

the paucity of pitches used can be hinted at while being obscured and celebrated
seeks: pitch maximalization within pitch-class minimization

silence sabbath ceremonially obligatory cessation or caesurae rationing

that milestone long since passed wherebefore one could confidently post-rungily assert that one had a firm mind's grasp on the set of pitches in play
not an insignificant cognitive boundary!
strike a chord like a fistful of hornets

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