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September 1, 2019
Peter Piper - Lake Washington Singers, Betty Eisenbrey, director [April 1966]

an adorable plush toy of a piece

Big Sister's Clothes - Elvis Costello [from Trust]

His song smithery is respectable
though I'm not sure those weird sound intro-outro bits do it any favors

The Turning - Screaming Trees [from Clairvoyance]

Syd Barrett in the new world

Jeremy - Pearl Jam [from Rearviewmirror]

this song doesn't need its presented size in sound, this need to fill a large space, inflated into stadium architecture. It belongs in a cosmically smaller sort of infinite space. There is no room, no crevice, withintowhich we might slip secure.

Ave verum corpus - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Atlanta Symphony and Chorus, Robert Shaw [from Robert Shaw Master of the First Art]

that moving inner voice on the im of immolatum
a spark to die for

Carnival Overture - Antonín Dvořák [from Naxos The Very Best of Dvořák]

barker, more like
Come on in! Thrills Chills Romance and Joy!

wonder magic

Gradus 195 - Neal Kosály-Meyer - Neal Kosály-Meyer [August 2011]

3 rungs in memory of John Cage the rehearsal
measuring out a long space circling past fixtures
then relativistically from the other side having been passed over after passing over the threshold to an otherly measured time

another thing Gradus is:
as the whole of Gradus is:
a piece about thinking about pitch space that acts like a micro-neural network brain flash

a crawler arising from within its own context
alarm will sound
distant accordions on the echo walls

Ocean Ambience Rocky Coastline Vol. 1 Part 1 - Pete Comley

the sea snores by the sea shells
and we have heard her
the sea caressing smooth her pebbles
for how long has the sea been making sand

the hands of the sea beat the drums of land

the lands are plate drums
the sea drums

shakes us through our soles

September 2, 2019
Sonata in C minor, K. 40 - Domenico Scarlatti - Pieter-Jan Belder

in imitation of another's manners
theater of being
mimics and coerces

Symphony in D Major (#2) - Jean Sibelius - London Symphony Orchestra, Colin Davis

his ways
to count 3
to meter 3

That tune is such a diva!

If there are scenes they move.

not scenery, but that too
and all within the path of the melody wheresountowhere'ere it goes
(nice job on the timps back there!)

heroic postures
somewhere between Duck Dodgers and Alberich

a composer who, as a theater manager keeps intricate track of his props

entry through the gates triumphal and pomp and there are the crowds and there the streamers
Daddy's home.

granular melodic synthesis
(one of the great tuba parts of all time)
nationalistical, natürlich

September 3, 2019
Where Are The Snows? - Harvey Schmidt - Mary Martin, Robert Preston [from I Do! I Do!]

is an interesting question, considering they wonder nightly and twice if there's a matinee

Dead End - Dead Kennedys [from Plastic Surgery Disasters/In God We Trust]

2-bit even among the sophomorics

Assembly Rechoired 7 - Karen (Meyer) Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey [September 1986]

We had some technical issues, but this is the first tape we made in the big Greenwood House whereintowhich Karen and I moved just before we got married.

mountain dulcimer and penny whistle
(there, I fixed the missing channel)

on my part mostly obsessively noodling on small instruments - penny whistle & monochord - perhaps in an attempt to feel comfortable with them

funmaker in a new space
the phone rings
domestic: music made within house life

September 4, 2019
Once - Pearl Jam [from Rearviewmirror]

too much Bono in this one for my taste
the song is packed to the point of homogeneity

Dona nobis pacem - Johann Sebastian Bach- Atlanta Symphony and Chorus, Robert Shaw [from Robert Shaw Master of the First Art]

slow tempo nearly inert fiddly bits clarify their function without giving away their destination, which simply arrives because there it is

Banned Rehearsal 709 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Neal Kosály-Meyer [October 2006]

one is not articulate upon a device
it doesn't pay to pretend to be

and if:
one is articulate, in some or any sense, upon a device
it does not pay to pretend not to be

it is not a simple nor quick task
to discern which you may be upon any given device

one makes the attempt in good faith
with ears open

so that:
the benefits of sticking with it long enough to discover something
emerge resplendent

The Memory of All That - Benjamin Boretz - Megan Berti, mezzo-soprano; Zuzanna Szewczyk Kwon, piano [from Open Space 31]

the doubled struggle of
finishing a word
and sounding an interval

the tempo of the argument
as it destroys
its erstwhile subject

the piano sounds are a posture
within the stating voice

Half a Bus Closer to Home - St. Rage [at the Common Good Cafe August 2016]

"Carol Anne would have been ready to go." (Karen to Neal, who was tuning the guitar again)

In Session at the Tintinabulary

September 2, 2019
Banned Rehearsal 988 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Aaron Keyt, Neal Kosály-Meyer

On the porch as the September evening darkens and quiets
Aaron warblers his warbler


australian the years buried beneath that
black cloud the cultural I told him it
was supposed to my primary task to

through matrix
trace result
sand paper

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