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January 4, 2014
Banned Rehearsal 55 - Keith Eisenbrey, Anna K, Neal Meyer - November 1985
tuning or just plucking - talking - moving microphones
heater expanding sliding down onto a Steady Rhythmic Texture
(problematic because SRT is hard to stop - SRT precludes a choice)
lo and behold the whole becomes more invested the moment SRT does finally stop
but Wild Thing (Neal) intrudes again - De Imitatione Troggi
once that is over the sound in progress re-emerges
then Anna gives Wild Thing a come-hither slant - probably the best performance of them all, if that is what we wanted
at the end we construct a din, whew!
Cape Alava trail, Olympic National Park, Washington
January 5, 2014
Gradus 183 - Neal Meyer - November 2010
Gradus concerns itself, through the entire expanse of its conceptual scope, with a dialogue about identities. At it's root end, the tokens of identity are individual key strokes, conversing in series and in conjunction. Each sequent decision builds, over time, a field of variations, and, over bigger time, larger-scale fields of variations of fields of variations. But all is seen from the inside, the shape of its experience forming itself like the trace line of single starling in flock.
Sonata in D K.284 - Mozart - Mitsuko Uchida

January 7, 2014
KEE JR 851114 - Keith Eisenbrey, John Rahn - November 1985
I remembered making this tape at John's house but I had forgotten, or didn't realize then, how fabulous it is. Admirably minimal and transparent, with a lovely soft hum that morphs as we move about - a commentary on the shape of the space. It is really two separate sessions, the first and longest with small instruments (monochord? ocarina?), and the second on bassoon (John) and cello or bass (me). If my memory serves me correctly it is also the first time I heard a CD. I believe the music was by Janacek.
Agogic - Andrew N. D'Angelo, Cuong Vu, Luke Bergman, Evan Woodle
A crack team.
Mission: to instantiate through independent cooperation complex environments in which individuality can emerge, but never as the whole of the whole.
Some notes as it went along:
1. bass drum heavy parallel play short hockety interlocks
2. quick hyper
3. slow reverbery
4. crack team, see above
5. lyric (drumming mirrors amplifies comments textures
6. starts like R&R but trips, trips, trippingly - like an extended Buster Keaton riff
7. receding back into the past
Keyboard Sonata in C Hob.XVI:35 - Haydn - Christine Schornsheim
figurations distracted to find themselves of a sudden wearing new clothes.
January 8, 2014
Banned Sectional 18 KEE NWM - Keith Eisenbrey, Neal Meyer - November 1985
Starts with some texts: If I Am A Fishy Thinker (with commentary), then some freeform, and then we rehearse Neal's Three Songs, finishing up with yet another Wild Thing.
In Session at the Tintinabulary
January 6, 2014
Banned Rehearsal 850 - Jenny Chung, Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Aaron Keyt, Neal Meyer
We welcome a new face.

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