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January 7, 2018
Banned Rehearsal 623 - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Aaron Keyt, Neal Kosály-Meyer [November 2001]

intoned among the reverb a keening tale
wholly indecipherable resolving into small talk (enlarged!)
percussion feedback washtub piano
in avante jazz dreamscape mode
an opera twisted sense of compositional response
episodes, with screams certainly wandering
out of chamber symphony territory
upon which could be inscribed temple rooms
no longer regular passing of time
at multiple rates
dissimultaneously, ritualistic, a grim march into future's moil
excerpts of architecture inserted
transparent and lucid utterance stick with it to the end
Someone to Watch Over Me and other Gershwin Favorites

Cotopoxi - Brad Anderson [from Dark Energy - Interstellar Pianos]

Perfect intervals and ray guns
static as the speed would seem to increase

Gradus 190 - Neal Kosály-Meyer [March 2011]

in order to follow the thought precisely


to catch a glimpse of thinking happening

the long silences are evidence of a larger idea overshadowing, or holding, cupped
{stray inappropriate thought: punitive silence}

free improvisation is a strict method of being particular

I am playing back a sound in this room that is a sound that had been made in this room. Their various acoustical spaces share similarities across a medium.

purposeful silence

placing a tone so as to thread the needle's eye
the eye between the partials of other tones

split them like kindling whack!

patience testing silence

January 9, 2018
Mind The Gap - Strange Like Us [from Strange Peeps]

hollow shell
the center not empty so much as gone, never was.
(arthouse punk)?

Pavana the Sixte "Kinbrugh Goodd" and The Galliarde to the Sixte Pavian - William Byrd - Elizabeth Farr [from Ladye Nevells Booke]

Here the independence of voices is achieved largely by other means than current voice-leading practice would suggest.

What is the role of the extraneous noise of virginal playing, essential to its charm, the effect of its image on how its music hangs in space?

first voice, then second voice, then a conjointure of voices, folded in continually
dough making

Senegalese Stomp - Savoy Bearcats [from Alan Lowe's That Devilin' Tune]

In loving imitation of keyboard figurational shenanigans.

Song of the Coulee Dam - Woody Guthrie [from Columbia River Collection]

He kept trying to get the same song right: retry, re-write, re-use.

In The Middle of the House - Vaughn Monroe [a Rescued Record]

a 50's pop novelty song with great train sound effect. I learn this actually reached number 11 on the Billboard magazine's Most Played by Jockeys chart, and 21 in the Top 100. Imagine that. I wonder if Dr. Demento ever spun it?

In Session at the Tintinabulary

January 8, 2018
Gradus 325 - Neal Kosály-Meyer


up and down

it does not move
things in it

some of them

a vast
combination lock

a long way around
to clear

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