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April 14, 2018
48-Hour Composition Contest - Sounds of Late
Gallery 1412, Seattle

April Showers  - Noel Kennon

As I Sit Here With My Trendy Tea Beverage - Spencer Arias

August Amble, Alaska State Fair - Aaron Keyt

Lullaby - Timothy O’Brien

Minuet in a Minute - JD Davis

Tetractys - Count Constantin Pârvulescu

At The Quiet Limit - Jacob Mashak

Threnody - Jim Knodle

When I Fall - Blaire Ziegenhagel

A lively subset of the younger folks doing their new thing for the community. We were there to hear
Aaron's new piece and were delighted to find that veteran Jim Knodle also had a lovely thing to share. And what fun everyone was having! Nary a clunker in the bunch, lovely performances all around, and the evening ended with silly prizes from the thrift store. DIY is where it's at. I also learned a Chicago slang term for the string bass  - "doghouse" - courtesy of JK.

April 19, 2018
Jaap Blonk
Chapel Performance Space, Good Shepherd Center, Seattle

I was remembered of my introduction, in June of 1982, in the home of Leon Botstein, President of Bard College, to Charles Stein, the protean poet/soundpoet/thought-delver. I was 23, newly dropped onto the East Coast, knowing not a soul for hundreds of miles, still pretty uncertain how the whole find food for oneself thing worked. Ben said "This is Chuck Stein" who stretched out his hand to me and said something very like "djlsji wi! df;focmgkj4 ordkfwsjudpfdjfifi  fififi 'asf;dhslfdsp=-[dgfaf' 1;dap-d da9dre0den,nds;ig'arg ae8id ][dfila;jud dd==gljd;l." Somehow I found this tremendously comforting. My people!

I was remembered of the gibberish stories I told my sons when they were small to make them laugh.

As do many of my favorite people, Jaap talks eloquently with his hands. And his face is an expressive field all on its own.

I was remembered of the scene in Men In Black 2, where K, in amnesious retirement at the Post Office is shown all the space aliens he works with and asked "Why do you think you're so comfortable here?"

and I was quite comfortable here. A joy.


April 14, 2018
Peyote - Bakshish [from Sonicabal 2001]

synthetic didjeridu-ish rhythm drone
over which is added (to complete the picture) a first nations-ish chant
fade out
not unattractive, if somewhat harsh

Gradus 97 - Neal Kosály-Meyer [April 2006]

configurations of pitch sonority sets allowed space to move around and to vanish entirely
receding through the wheels of memory

when sound enters or music enters consciousness it enters a massively complex continually ontologizing organism

and we in turn enter it
because it addresses us

our madly ontologizing consciousness
as a fellow

Stumblin' Man - Youth Rescue Mission [from Youth Rescue Mission]

guitars in the immediate
vocals vary
but generally on stage with the drums

Banned Telepath 46 Seattle - Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Steve Kennedy, Neal Kosály-Meyer [March 2016, for Banned Rehearsal 907]

we woohoo! for Aaron and Jennifer
one strand: a slowly cycling chorale mostly on piano
another: lots of banging on things and lots of things there are to bang upon too!
no sound but isn't precisely drawn in place, transparent to all others
the amplified bits don't overdo their power, but mutter to themselves on the same state
gradations of: pitch <-> noise || presence <-> diffusion || high <-> low || pure <-> complex ||ringy <-> tight ||
intent rubbing audiates surfaces
moan tube gives its what for and enters a conversational space with the atomatone
as the last sounds drift off downstream
as though
but perhaps not
but yes

April 15, 2018
Lord Willobies Welcome Home - William Byrd - Elizabeth Farr [from My Ladye Nevells Booke]

parts braid filligree with their cherub hands flitting - mind flash on the opening credits of Fractured Fairy Tales

The Downfall of Nebuchadnezzar - Rev. J. C. Barrett [from Goodbye, Babylon]

ecstatic ignition into possession
prophetic proto rap

Rip It Up - Little Richard [collected from Dave Marsh's The Heart of Rock & Soul]

playing the same possession game but with chorus cooldowns keeping it under control

Detour Ahead (take 1) - Bill Evans Trio [from Waltz for Debby]

such a gentleness in everything, a kind-to-each-other music

Cloudy - Simon & Garfunkel [from Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme]

#pop #mood for #feel #good

Unnamed Track 10 - Tillicum Junior High School Band [from my mom's tape of a concert of March 3, 1971]

the sort of comic martial march music one might expect of a mechanism at a fair

Tide - Walt Wagner [from Caprice]

quite the echo on that piano!
tin pan
tune smithery
tune pipes

Echoes - Karen P. Thomas - Seattle Symphony, Michel Singher [from a private tape, Spring 1981]

in a cave with dim lamp sense of dread
as is revealed in several parts
until the whole
flute at end as tale within tale to pass us up the ladder
to our seats

Let Me Tell You - Julian Lennon [from The Secret Value of Daydreaming]

either: so full of himself as to be a monster
or: playing a more knowing game
or: a wall

April 17, 2018
Banned Rehearsal 263 - John E, Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Aaron Keyt [August 1991]

readjusting our grip on the world at Toad Hall
fall away to deep sedatory
whose weight will press
nearly disappearing
often doing several things
often not adding up
or falling away from adding up


competitive gibberish critter listing

In Session at the Tintinabulary

April 15, 2018
Fish Distributor b/w Ruined It - Your Mother Should Know [mastered from takes made in March 2018]

To be released on Bandcamp, at some point. Not perfect, but this is Seattle. We don't iron.

April 16, 2018
Gradus 331 - Neal Kosály-Meyer

there is a time it takes for a pitch to speak
different for each note
different also
in kind of time
to the duration of each note
and different also
among the various registers
because at the low end and at the high end there is the separate time of each pitch locating itself
as well as their respective times of speaking
and if several are considered together
struck or not together
do the intervals precede the pitches in experience?
and then there are the gradually revealed sonorities of rolling tones
humming space

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