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May 29, 2018
Daniel Webbon, composition
Chapel Performance Space, Good Shepherd Center, Seattle
Bridal Veil Falls, Washington - ca 1971

The confessions of Saint Augustine - Ben Sieben, piano, Danielle Sampson, soprano

tones painting a theoretical statement

To square a circle - Sarah Pyle, traverso and percussion

a delicate solo duet
I enjoyed this immensely

An infinite number of others - Emily Acri, violin; Janna Webbon, violin; Andrew Stiefel, viola; Isabella Kodama, cello

into a past evoked by and returning back from . . .

This vast southern empire - Daniel Webbon, piano, melodica, vocals; Sarah Pyle, flute, hammer dulcimer; Janna Webbon, violin; Andrew Stiefel, viola; Abbey Blackwell, bass

. . . a heady melodic sensibility

St. Helena - Matt Carr, drumset; Alethea Alexander, dance

a film of dance chopped up and all the bits and frames rearranged in a shuffle edit


May 30, 2018
Mr. Shadow - Neal Kosály-Meyer [April 2006]

"hey what do you think of this weather?"
thought eliding the blank spaces in the meter
makes for a troubling implication of regularity that isn't and never was

Follow The Leader - Shaprece [from Scatterbrain]

shimmy shimmy dance infection

Stillness, Concentrate (a recital) - Keith Eisenbrey [April 2016]
1. Welcome to my planet. I come in peace. - Eisenbrey
2. Another - Eisenbrey
3. J - Eisenbrey
4. "...such words as it were vain to close..." - J. K. Randall

nice job Keith of the recent past!

Lake Serene, Washington - ca 1971
May 31, 2018
The Tennthe Pavian "Mr. W. Peter" and The Galliarde to the Tenneth Pavian - William Byrd - Elizabeth Farr [from My Ladye Nevells Booke]

intimate space somehow cooked up out of huge polyhedron phrases
more downbeats than one could hope to choose from

If You Follow Jesus - Rev. W. M. Mosley [from Goodbye, Babylon]

let us sing with uplifted voice
arranged > agreed upon > talked through > practiced
but never not uplifted

Simple Gifts - Aaron Copland arr. by Virgil Fox - David di Fiore [from Grand Music for a Grand Castle]

gently done, the sense of meter is most wonderfully an everpresent question
will it land?

Maggie Campbell Blues - Shirley Griffith [from The Art of Field Recording Volume 1]

tilt voice
to fit the slant
of the tunin'
of the bluesin' tunin'

A Simple Desultory Philippic - Simon & Garfunkel [from Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme]

Desultory is right, this joke falls flat.

Track 1 - Tillicum Junior High School Orchestra [from my mom's tape of a concert on March 3, 1971]

a petite and various suite struggling toward pomposity

Corral Pass, Washington - ca 1971
Symphony No. 2 - Andrew Buchman - Seattle Symphony, Michel Singher [from a private tape of a concert in Spring of 1981]

clearly drawn
what it is
nothing fancy
but wanders into clarity
I remember back in the day this seemed so puzzlingly conservative
but now: partial, neo-unfinished

Cuyahoga - REM [from Life's Rich Pageant]

overlapping revolutionary impulses
start over where we always were
I've heard this song many times, and never listened to the words before, and certainly never wondered what the heck he was saying over and over. Now I see it is the title of the song, and of a fiery river. I looked it up.

In Session at the Tintinabulary
May 28, 2018
Gradus 334 - Neal Kosály-Meyer

pitch is a symptom of resonance
resonance conversing with the mechanism
mechanism is the clatterwork qualities of dissonance
dissonance is the size of the reverberent space it creates
as it creates the specificities of its regions

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