Saturday, January 1, 2011



Symphony #6 - Nielsen - Danish Radio SO/Herbert Blomstedt

Nielsen's toy symphony. The material has an arbitrary, offhand, scribbly sensibility to it - no better or other than it needs to be - devoid of stage-business, or at least where all gimmickry is full exposed - the propagation of imperfections into a system - a strangely anti-social vibe to the whole affair, as though all and each party were playing its own thing for its own self - a patchwork.

Symphony #2 - Hanson - Seattle SO/Gerard Schwarz

It wells up to evaporate. "Romantic" only from an American-Impressionist, sentimental-triumphalist stance. Far from the hard-edged "Romantic" symphony of Bruckner, or the HonestToGod Romanticism of Schumann's Rhenische.

Riddle Rhythm - Farr Brothers
New Falling Down Blues - Cliff Bruner
Did You Ever Love a Woman - Gatemouth Moore

Three more fine cuts from Allen Lowe's killer "That Devilin' Tune" collection.

Samba-Classico - Villa Lobos - New York Chamber Orchestra/Gerard Schwarz/Robert Bonfiglio

Symphony #2 "Mysterious Mountain" - Hovhaness - Seattle SO/Gerard Schwarz

This is a strong, exquisitely sumptuous piece. A mood without interruption or progression. Seamless to a fault. What his music could sound like if it hadn't turned into a brand.

Mr. Blue - a capella version - The Fleetwoods
Dick Tracy - The Ventures

Riff gloves off right in the kisser. Pow!

Music From The Body - Waters/Geesin

Two Sides of The Moon - Keith Moon

Keith's party mix. Enjoyably unpretentious.

Remain in the Light - Talking Heads

An image of tabla: tight, staccato and narrow. Carefully restrained.

One: onetext commentary - Boretz

Can we talk in music, and not concern ourselves with making a music out of it?


The Distract Band at Le Pichet, Seattle

Jim Knodle and his band were at their sweetest last night to bring the new year to Belltown. Like Bill Evans at his best, their sound was deceptively smooth, only occasionally hinting at their hoch-bebop potential. But slip just once through into the depths and be lost. A fine evening of music and food and wine.

Happy New Year!

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