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Patti's Parlour Pieces 9-12 - Ken Benshoof - Keith Eisenbrey
Postlude with Jim Randall in Mind (midi) - Benjamin Boretz

An image of immediate thought - cleared of anything that isn't now. Midi exerts no body-english to the tone production, leaving us frozen cleansed phraseless breathless - a stillness through which we hear the earth spinning beneath our feet.

Blood and Fire Hallelujah test B - Keith Eisenbrey

I had completely forgotten having done this one. Please see my post of 12/4/2010 for the first idea behind this project. I was thinking that if the recorded piano part and the live piano part were too much alike in sound the performance would just end up a kind of mush. So I recorded 10 minutes of accelerating piano chords and then ran the result through a digital distorter - probably one of the guitar amplifiers in Sound Forge. As a stand-alone thing it works spectacularly well in a ham-handed way.

Suite in b minor BWV 814 - JS Bach - Blandine Verlet
Wenn wir in hochsten Not sein BWV 668a - JS Bach - Michael Chapuis
Polonaise in c-sharp minor op. 26 #1 - Chopin - Peter Katin
Symphony in D (#9) - Mahler - New Philharmonia Orchestra/Klemperer

I love the part in the 3rd movement where the harp run keeps changing the slides on our interior nostalgia show. This performance is engineered to give the listener a podium seat. Too much really, though it isn't either.

Blame it on the Blues - Victor Military Orchestra

Lament for Beowulf - Howard Hanson - Seattle SO/Schwarz

Flabby reliance on rhythmic grounds to set off colorless figures, treating the moodcolor as a given invariant rather than as material to be manipulated.

Symphony in C (#4) op. 47 version 1930 - Prokofiev - Royal Scottish National Orchestra/Neemi Jarvi

Juicy concentrate intricate innards

Viola Quebrada - Villa Lobos - New York Chamber Symphony/Schwarz/Robert Bonfiglio
Symphony in C - Stravinksy - London SO/Colin Davis

Lovely and transparent - as though listening from just the right seat in a very fine space.

Up Jumped the Devil - Wooden Joe Nicholas
Symphony #3 - Paul Creston - Seattle SO/Schwarz

first movement: wiggly stands for active - arrival stands for triumph
second movement: I fared better with this one. I love how it ends spectrally with high violin and low bass ppp
third movement: If A cooperates with B in manner C it will always do so. Gets big and stops.



Karin Blaine - Live at Egan's Ballard Jam House - Seattle

Disclosure time: Karin is a cousin of mine - we share a set of great grandparents. (McAbee, that's we!)
Just voice and acoustic guitar (a pretty, used looking red Gibson), Karin sang us two sets of folkish arch-pop. She has a supplely worn alto vocal persona that pairs nicely with her fancy but unshowy guitar playing. Altogether quite enjoyable and we had a lovely dinner as well. Thank you for schlepping all the way down to drippy Seattle!


Is That Jazz Festival - Chapel Performance Space at The Good Shepherd Center - Seattle

Empty Cage Quartet - Paul Kikuchi, Kris Tiner, Jason Mears, Ivan Johnson
Sun Ra Tribute Band - Stuart Dempster, William O. Smith, Lynette Westendorf, Greg Campbell, Dan O'Brien, Jim Knodle, Tom Baker, Michael Monhart, Greg Sinibaldi

More disclosure: I volunteer at this event. Karen & I ran the box office.

empty cage quartet

old dudes bar riffing on a grump
transfigure wallowy gruff trip the
grime ecstatic

sun ra tribute band

low to the road

parade float mardi gras

swamp raft

pimped out cadi

silent canoe sneak

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