Saturday, January 15, 2011



Symphony in d, op. 40 (#2) - Prokofiev - Royal Scottish National Orchestra/Naemi Jarvi

Bracing - like a brisk early morning run through a shelling.

Symphony #6 Aria and Final - Vierne - Douglas Cleveland
The Lord's Prayer - Malotte - Jerry Sams/Kia Sams
Symphony in C - Stravinksy - CBC Symphony Orchestra/Stravinksy

Symphony as ancient myth.

Lover Man - Sarah Vaughan
Song of the Wanderer - Al Hibler

Symphony #6 - Piston - Seattle SO/Gerard Schwarz

Dreary and heavy.

No Trespassing - The Ventures
Gone - the Fleetwoods

Plastic Ono Band - John Lennon

A public diary entry, unembarrassed to have been cobbled together clumsily. A stunningly dirty sound.   

Whistler's Waltz - Kirk Brandenberger, Art Rosenbaum
Scary Monsters - David Bowie

Pastorale 850106 - Eisenbrey - Fehrwood Ensemble

This was an early rehearsal of a recorder quintet written in 1984 for my mom's amateur ensemble. I wrote the piece with the intention of exploiting the recorder's pinpoint intonation to explore a wildly strained pitchspace.The pacing is as slow as breath will allow, holding long tones out to their exquisitely saggy conclusions. Unfortunately this aspect of the piece is problematic socially. The experience from the performer's side is of valiantly attempting to play everything with perfect intonation. Failure at this is a foregone conclusion, and from the listener's standpoint success on the performer's part would wipe out the whole point of the piece. The Fehrwood Ensemble were singularly game, but I'm not sure a professional outfit would put up with it.

Banned Rehearsal 207 - Banned Rehearsal
James Brown's Funky Christmas - James Brown

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