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November 25, 2017
Off He Goes - Pearl Jam [from Rearviewmirror]

chords are ledges
we tumble off or clamber on

Tom The Toad - Banned Rehearsal [Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Aaron Keyt, Neal Kosály-Meyer, November 2011]

Karen was laughing so hard at the beginning that it almost didn't get going. Finally Neal lays out the
the decade of chaos
camp favorite as a punk song quick.

Loki - Brad Anderson [from Dark Energy - Interstellar Pianos]

Satie with cyborgs
being to space transparent
architecture abides

Gradus 189 - Neal Kosály-Meyer [March 2011]

Paths of thought looping through both thought as action and thought as decision, instant will.
In the long quiet stretches where Neal is not operating the piano to make sound the recording appears to have a subtle wash to it my ear follows from left to right unable to quite catch it tricked by traffic without.
These various tones ventriloquize each other in relation to written music's syncreticalistical-kabbalistical roots.
Tiny pianississimo short wide interval dyads over so quickly and so gently that one can hear the sequence of one's thoughts as to just what that was as it was: tiny, then pianississimo, then short, then wide, then intervaled, then dyandic, then over so quickly that one can . . .
Tone: flesh of it, ghost of it.

Kaun Tujhe - Palak Muchchai, Amaal Mallik [from Bollygood Volume 1]

Pachelbel Canon type harmonic scheme. Particular about their reverb. Does better when the big orchestra stuff doesn't take over - its entrance is generally not finessed to nearly the degree that every other sonorous movement is, which makes them jar. Missed opportunities.

November 26, 2017
The Seconde Pavian and The Galliarde to the Seconde Pavian - William Byrd - Elizabeth Farr [from My Ladye Nevells Booke]

Shift from voice to voice is relaxed, courtly, full of politesse. The rhythm of shift from voice to voice is not to lead on but to graciously uncover. A pleasant company to hang with.

Die Kunst der Fuge, Canon in Hypodiatessaran al rovescio e per augmentationem perpetuus - J. S. Bach - Zoltan Kocsis

Its attractiveness as a sound, as a music, is a deception, or is so not the point. Plays for thought's keeps.

Woody Guthrie
Creep Along, Moses - Taskiana Four [from Goodbye, Babylon]

Timbral intonation and a lesson in internal metrics: each harmony each song segment each breath given ample time without overbearing override of beat in your face.

It Takes A Married Man to Sing a Worried Song - Woody Guthrie [from Columbia River Collection]

He got off topic here from strictly river songs.
Or: a married man's advice to one of his past selves: Bloom to Dedalus.
A gentle and unpretentious arrangement of it though, a lovely performance direct on point.

Gesang der Jünglinge - Stockhausen

Disp- and Simil-arities of scale and/or presence, dynamic, direction, conjointure. Alienation (from us) (from each other). Some are alone in themselves some irrevocably bundled no matter to where they are sent spinning: music, noise, language, voice.

One wonders at the experience of the boy whose voice we hear. I could imagine stodgy classical music parents hearing the finished result and complaining "He sang his heart out for you and then you put the whole thing in a blender?!"

When Children Pray - Lake Washington Singers, Betty Eisenbrey, Joanne Deacon [April 11, 1961]

Sentimental triumphalism. Sampler: (illustrated needlework saying picture).

I Want You - Bob Dylan [from Biograph]
Karen operates a pink balloon

Creating a persona for listeners to want to be, or several, open-ended enough to be serviceable in nearly any situation.

Gettin' In Tune - The Who [from Who's Next]

Going Pop to invent Power Pop. I'm growing up! See!
Makes it sound pretty good.

Station to Station - David Bowie [from Station to Station]

Train chug (fast) on flange (slow) as though standing in for rolling echoes of bridges and hills. Every
moment of the instrumental buildup is composed as to newness and stasis. Bridge follows bridge follows bridge. A platformer.

I Threw A Brick Through A Window - U2 [from October]

Window: a thing that is there but is invisible
Brick: a thing that is there that can be seen
Window: hidden fact
Brick: disclosed fact
Window: secret
Brick: known
I threw a discoverer through a secret.

A new theory about my general bad attitude about Bono: His voice is phenomenal, no question, but its affective range is narrow (though not as egregiously so as Billy Joel's), it can really only do what it has already always done. This tends to come across to me as overly sincere and insufferable. However, that is simply the voice he has to work with and he has managed to find ways to make it work to its limits.

November 28, 2017
Banned Rehearsal 68 "Spring Equinox" - [Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Anna K, Neal Kosály-Meyer, March 1986]

Having moved up north Karen (she was still a Meyer then) has become a regular.
Balloons are held between hands and their surfaces transtrude each other.
Pitchy rhythm of texture differentials (or rhythmy pitch of).
Significant portions of this are not apparent.
We hear hints of goings on but not all makes it out to us.
Soundtrack to an unfathomable irrecoverable scene.
That is: Sound made in the image that: the sound of made sound is not the show.
Probably the session with Karen playing balloons. I have some pictures.
Finally! The dulcimer!
Eventually in a remarkable space, Funmaker folding much of us inside.

Looking Around - The Young Fresh Fellows [from Electric Bird Digest]

Not a completeness, a transient recurring mood.

November 30, 2017
Banned Rehearsal 433 - [Isaac E, Karen Eisenbrey, Keith Eisenbrey, Aaron Keyt, Neal Kosály-Meyer, August 1996]

Karen, Whidbey Island, WA, ca. 1996
dive right in.
we are drilling and grinding sounding stone
unyielding yanking at defenses
cornet violin guitar drums
right up front
open up relax grip
beat on our flabby belly drums
turn a corner down to inside at furioso galloping in bits and pieces
evening campfire harmonica plaint (too much guitar - my fault)
filling crannies seagull-toned reeds and tambourine jackhammer banjo chisel
regrets have no place in listening learn lesson and move on
omnipresence of distorted tambourine shake sound a surface rough and broken
roof or ceiling stubborn
whoever was doing it was really into it
baked on hard, mineral

Agatha Reads a Letter - Meri von Kleinsmid [from Sonicabal 2001]

Melody in richly overtoned synth sound. Swarmy. Goose sized bees.

In Session at the Tintinabulary

November 27, 2017
Gradus 325 - Neal Kosály-Meyer

I am sitting in a rocking chair
short bursts in figures of two to five or so
thinking about thinking about
tiny spider (on my book then)
gradual plethorization of sonorities groups object sound groups broken discontinuity
archipelago in a low tide shallow sea

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